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Xur, Agent of the Nine is a strange vendor who randomly appears in patrol zones in the EDZ, Nessus, Io, Titan or Mercury depending on the planet which has a Flashpoint happening on it in the current week (for Mercury Flashpoint weeks, Xur also appears in the Hangar of the Tower so that players which do not own Curse of Osiris are still able to visit him). Xur sells Exotics and only takes Legendary Shards in exchange for them, offering a single weapon and one piece of armor for each class.

Xur also offers a Fated or Isochronal Engram (Isochronal Engrams seem to be more focused on Curse of Osiris exotics) once per week per account for 97 Legendary Shards, and Three of Coins consumables (no limit) for 31 Legendary Shards each.

Xur's location is always visible on the map as a green shield with IX, similar to the icons used by region vendors.

Xur Locations

Xur's location appears to be synchronized across all platforms.

Note: This information seems to be incorrect/outdated. Other sites (such as https://whereisxur.com/) have the correct location.

Week Dates Location
15 12/22 - 12/25 The Rig, Titan
14 12/15 - 12/18 Hanger, The Tower
13 12/8 - 12/11 Winding Cove, EDZ
12 12/1 - 12/4 Winding Cove, EDZ
11 11/24 - 11/26 Giant's Scar, Io
10 11/17 - 11/20 The Rig, Titan
9 11/10 - 11/13 Watcher's Grave, Nessus
8 11/3 - 11/5 Winding Cove, EDZ
7 10/27 - 10/29 Giant's Scar, Io
6 10/20 - 10/22 The Rig, Titan
5 10/13 - 10/15 Watcher's Grave, Nessus
4 10/6 - 10/08 Winding Cove, EDZ
3 9/29 - 10/1 Giant's Scar, Io
2 9/22 - 9/24 The Rig, Titan
1 9/15 - 9/17 Watcher's Grave, Nessus

Possible Weapons For Sale

ColdheartTrace RiflesColdheart icon1.pngThe latest Omolon engineering leverages liquid fuel as coolant to keep weapon systems at biting subzero temperatures.
CrimsonHand CannonsCrimson icon1.jpgAccording to official Vanguard policy, this weapon does not exist.
D.A.R.C.I.Sniper RiflesDarci icon1.pngThank you for using the Data Analysis, Reconnaissance, and Cooperative Intelligence device. You may call me Darci.
Fighting LionGrenade LaunchersFighting lion icon1.png"I call it the Zhang Fei. It hits almost as hard as I do." —Wei Ning
Graviton LancePulse RiflesGraviton lance icon1.pngThink of space-time as a tapestry on a loom. This weapon is the needle.
Hard LightAuto RiflesHard light icon1.pngIonized polymer synballistic attack platform. The system's lethality is dynamically robust across tactical spaces.
MercilessFusion RiflesMerciless icon1.pngEntropy is inevitable.
Prometheus LensTrace RiflesPrometheus lens icon1.png"Cryptarchs made a crystal that starts fires? Get me one. I don't care how you do it. Go!" —Cayde-6
RiskrunnerSubmachine GunsRiskrunner icon1.pngCharge your soul and let the electrons sing.
SUROS RegimeAuto RiflesSUROS Regime.jpgNostalgia as a weapon of war. Style as a hallmark of victory.
Skyburner's OathScout RiflesSkyburners oath icon1.pngThe inscription, written in a Cabal dialect, reads: "Victory or death!"
Sleeper SimulantLinear Fusion RiflesSleeper Simulant icon1.jpgSubroutine IKELOS: Status=complete. MIDNIGHT EXIGENT: Status=still in progress.
SunshotHand CannonsSunshot icon2.png"Can't outrun the sunrise." —Liu Feng
Sweet BusinessAuto RiflesSweet business icon2.png"…I love my job."
TelestoFusion RiflesTelesto icon2.jpgVestiges of the Queen's Harbingers yet linger among Saturn's moons.
The ColonyGrenade LaunchersThe colony icon1.jpgWe outnumber you. We will find you. You are alone, and we are colony.
The HuckleberrySubmachine GunsThe huckleberry icon1.jpgNothin' in the world that 30 rounds can't solve.
The Jade RabbitScout RiflesJade rabbit osiris icon1.png"What kind of harebrained scheme have you got in mind this time?"
The ProspectorGrenade LaunchersThe prospector icon1.png"Some things should stay buried."
The Wardcliff CoilRocket LaunchersThe wardcliff coil icon1.pngIngenuity. Desperation. A haphazard prototype of terrible power. Such were the factors at play in the Wardcliff Incident.
Tractor CannonShotgunsTractor cannon icon1.pngProperty of Ishtar Collective. WARNING: Gravity propulsor beam can cause serious injury or even death.
Vigilance WingPulse RiflesVigilance wing icon1.png"The eye remains open. The Lighthouse remains lit." —Brother Vance

Possible Armor For Sale

ACD/0 Feedback FenceGauntletsAcd0 feedback fence icon1.jpgThe Active Contact Defense system uses warsat hull materials to store a retaliatory charge.
Actium War RigChest ArmorActium war rig icon1.jpgConflict Resolution Solution #3479: Leave them to rest wherever they may fall.
An Insurmountable SkullfortHelmetsAn insurmountable skullfort icon1.jpgBRAINVAULT Sigma-ACTIUM-IX Cranial Dreadnought (Invincible Type)
Apotheosis VeilHelmetsApotheosisVeil.jpgMost helmets protect the mind from the universe. Not this one.
Celestial NighthawkHelmetsCelestial nighthawk icon1.jpgStarlight is your guide. No vacuum will contain you.
Doom Fang PauldronGauntletsDoom fang pauldron icon1.jpgNobody calls it that.
Eye of Another WorldHelmetsEye of another world icon1.jpgWhen the universe conspires, its enemies cannot hide.
FoetracerHelmetsFoetracer icon1.jpg"I see you."
Hallowfire HeartChest ArmorHallowfire heart icon1.jpg";You who seek the Forge: your journey will be long, but your destination is closer than you think." —Ouros
Helm of Saint-14HelmetsHelm of saint-14 icon1.jpg"He walked out into the demon light. But at the end he was brighter." -Paean to Saint-14
Karnstein ArmletsGauntletsKarnstein armlets icon1.jpg-œYou are mine, you shall be mine, you and I are one for ever.”
Knucklehead RadarHelmetsKnucklehead radar icon1.jpgYou can see the point, right? Who wants to team up with one?
Lucky PantsLeg ArmorLucky pants icon1.jpg"What? No, I didn't illegally mod the holster. These are just really lucky pants!" -”Cayde-6
Lucky RaspberryChest ArmorLucky raspberry icon1.jpgNo one has ever died wearing me. # It's true. She leaves the unworthy before they fall.
Mask of the Quiet OneHelmetsMask of the quiet one icon1.jpg"..."
Mechaneer's TricksleevesGauntletsMechaneers tricksleeves icon1.jpg"This won't end well for one of us. And darling, it won't be me." -”Self-styled "Lady" Olu Alderdice
Mk. 44 Stand AsidesLeg ArmorMk. 44 stand asides icon1.jpgPardon me. Coming through.
Nezarec's SinHelmetsNezarecs sin icon1.jpg"He is that which is an end. And he shall rise again." -Passage from Of Hated Nezarec, a pre-Golden Age text.
PeacekeepersLeg ArmorPeacekeepers icon1.jpgDesigned for the seamless delivery of justice in an unjust world.
Raiden FluxChest ArmorRaiden flux icon1.jpgInterfaces with synapses (or nearest equivalent) to draw electric power directly from the wearer's body.
Skull of Dire AhamkaraHelmetsSkull of dire ahamkara icon1.jpgReality is the finest flesh, oh bearer mine. And are you not...hungry?
Starfire ProtocolChest ArmorStarfire protocol icon1.jpg13.4 billion years ago, the first stars kindled out of darkness, seeding the future of all life.
SunbracersGauntletsSunbracers icon1.jpg"When one can wield the fire of stars, what use is flesh and bone?"
SynthocepsGauntletsSynthoceps icon1.jpgCaution: the organism has been known to develop consciousness. In these cases, immediate termination is recommended.
Transversive StepsLeg ArmorTransversive steps icon1.jpgYour relationship with consistent spacetime is...tenuous at best.
Wings of Sacred DawnChest ArmorWings of sacred dawn icon1.jpgThere will come a day when the light will never fade.
Winter's GuileGauntletsWinters guile icon1.jpg"I know you." -”Lord Felwinter
Young Ahamkara's SpineGauntletsYoung ahamkaras spine icon1.jpgGive me your arm, oh bearer mine. Let me help you fill the world with teeth.

External Sources

  • Destiny Loot Cave - provides quick weekly updates on Xur's location with a sense of humor.