Fated Engram

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An engram with a predestined outcome. It will contain a new Exotic if any remain to be collected.

Fated Engram was a special version of the Exotic Engram. It was removed from the game in the Season of Dawn.


Fated Engrams used to be decrypted into an Exotic item that the player has not yet collected, with two limitations:

  • Gear received from quests or challenges could not be obtained through these Engrams;
  • Exotic armor used to drop only for the class of the character that got this Engram.

They could be purchased from Xûr for Legendary shards icon1.png97, but only once a week account-wide. Several Fated Engrams used to be given to the players as a Season Pass reward from the Season of the Undying.


  • The Fated Engram was also called "Isochronal Engram" in Xûr's inventory.
  • Sometimes these Engrams bugged out and decrypted into items the players already owned.

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