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The Season Pass is a purchasable item which gives access to a Season's content.


The base Destiny 2 game contained the first season, and the next two had to be bought separately as DLCs. The Forsaken expansion contains the fourth season, and the next three used to be locked behind the Annual Pass. Destiny 2 became free-to-play in the Shadowkeep expansion, giving access to the first three seasons of the game for free and introducing the Season Pass.

Players who own the Season Pass gain access to all of the current Season's content, which includes activities, story, missions or lore. Players without the Pass have access to some of the Season's content, such as its Artifact and themed armor. By gaining experience, players level their seasonal rank and unlock rewards on the current Season's progress track. There are set rewards on levels 1-100, and each 5 levels afterwards reward the player with a Bright Engram. The Season progress track has two rows of rewards. Those who play for free can receive rewards only from the top row, Season Pass holders unlock rewards from both rows but still have to earn them.

Buying the latest released expansion provides the currently active Season's pass. Buying the expansion's Deluxe edition provides Season Passes for all Seasons from that expansion. Season Passes can be bought for Silver1.png1000 each, and do not require expansion ownership.


Season of the Undying

Season of the Undying icon.png
October 1, 2019 — December 10, 2019

As Guardians delve into the Black Garden, portals open allowing timeless Vex war machines to strike back with their own counter-offensive on the Moon. They won't stop until the moon becomes another one of their strongholds. Find a way to end the invasion.

Free Content

Season Pass only

Season of Dawn

Season of Dawn icon.png
December 10, 2019 — March 9, 2020

With the Vex Invasion now defeated, Osiris calls upon you to face a new threat. Stop a council of Cabal Psion Flayers from manipulating time and undoing our victory against the Red Legion.

Free Content

Season Pass only

Season of the Worthy

Season of the Worthy icon.png
March 10, 2020 — June 9, 2020

With the Sundial freed from the clutches of the Red Legion, one escaped Psion Flayer enacts a desperate ploy for revenge against the Last City. Guardians of the Light must set aside old differences to band together with unlikely allies and save the City from total destruction.

Free Content

Season Pass only

Season of Arrivals

Season of Arrivals icon.png
June 9, 2020 — November 10, 2020

A dark omen enters our system and a signal howls through the emptiness of space. Darkness begins to reveal itself on Io and within the heart of the Cradle. In the shadow of the Pyramid ship, you must search for answers.

Free Content

Season Pass only

Season of the Hunt

Season of the Hunt icon.png
November 10, 2020 — February 9, 2021

Entire planets have vanished. In the chaos that follows, Xivu Arath, the Hive God of War boldly moves to seize power. If left unchecked, she threatens a solar system already in turmoil. While investigating the growing threat, Osiris finds himself in need of help. Fortunately, a new – and yet familiar – ally known as the Crow joins you in the rescue...

Free Content

Season Pass only

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