Vex Offensive

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Vex Offensive
Vex Offensive banner.png
Location The Moon
Players 6
Requirement Eyes on the Moon
Expansion Season of the Undying
Enemies Vex
Boss Crotheon, Gate Keeper
Undying Mind (Final Assault)
Description Enter a portal to the Black Garden and fight on the frontlines of an ongoing battle against the Vex.

The Vex Offensive was a matchmade arena where a team of 6 players fought waves of Vex. It was removed from the game with the end of the Season of the Undying.

Three weeks before the Season's end the activity was renamed into "Vex Offensive: Final Assault". Aside from the name, only the dialogue and the boss were changed, the latter kept the mechanics of the previous boss.


The players had to clear out enemies in two areas on their way to the boss. Each area had two stages with different time-limited objectives: Dismantle the Vex and Silence the Oracles.

A set number of enemies used to spawn during the first stage, defeating each increased the progress percentage. Enemies spawned infinitely during the second stage, about a half of them were explosive fodder.

The Oracles, floating diamond-shaped purple constructs, were immune to all sources of damage except for the Void Cranium laser beams. Shiny Gate Technician Minotaurs spawned during the second stage and dropped Void Craniums when defeated. Players could pick up the Craniums and destroy the Oracles, as well as enemies that walked into the beam. One Cranium had enough charge to destroy 2 Oracles. The players had to destroy 6 Oracles in the first area and 12 Oracles in the second area.

After completing both areas, the team would arrive to the boss area. There was a portal through which the boss was summoned by standing on a special plate for normal Vex Offensive and planting a beacon on that plate for the Final Assault, and three circular metal plates on which the boss would stand after being summoned, moving from one to another after each damage phase. It was possible to plant a Raid Banner near the plate.


Crotheon, Gate Keeper

A Minotaur. After being summoned, Crotheon would walk onto a metal plate and stand there until the end of the damage phase, after which it would walk over to the next plate.

The boss was covered by a shield that granted it immunity to all sources of damage except for the Void Cranium. While Crotheon was shielded, it spawned enemies like Goblins, Hobgoblins, Harpies and occasional Cyclopses, as well as the Gate Technicians. It took several Craniums to drain the shield, after which the damage phase would begin.

The damage phase used to last 30 seconds. The Void Craniums would be removed from the area and player hands each damage phase. The remaining enemies would stay, but the new ones would not spawn until the next shielded phase.

Undying Mind

A Hydra. This boss used the mechanics of Crotheon, Gate Keeper.


Two reward chests spawned in each area after completing both of its objectives, and a third one spawned after defeating the boss. These three chests used to contain the following rewards:


  • There was no time limit on the boss fight, which was sometimes used by players to grind weapon kills on enemies spawned during the shielded phase for triumphs.