Raid Banner

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Raid Banner
Raid banner icon1.jpg
Type Consumable
Rarity Legendary
Description Can be used before any raid encounter to allow fireteam members to gain Super energy and Heavy ammo.

Raid Banner is a Consumable. It has a maximum stack size of 100. If this size is exceeded, a new stack will be created in the player's inventory.



A Raid Banner can be consumed at a rally point, placing a rally banner on it. Rally points can be found at the start of raid encounters, most dungeon encounters, and some mission encounters. Interacting with a placed banner will fill the player's Super energy, ability energy, and all ammo types. Players can only interact with a banner once, and only one banner can be placed at a given rally point.

It is recommended to wait until all players have joined the session before placing a Raid Banner. Placing a banner before a player joins may cause them to not be able to interact with it when they enter the activity. This can be fixed by starting the encounter and then wiping the team, but will require another Raid Banner to be used.