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  • update Main page to no longer show that The Dawning is live (requires administrator action)
  • Fill in pages listed under Category:Stubs
  • Update subclass pages to the new format Done!
  • Update all relevant pages to include gear from Warmind
  • Update Main Page for new vendors
  • Update Main Page to reference Season 5, Season of the Forge, and Dark Armory
  • Add new subclasses to Main Page For Hunter, Titan, Warlock
  • Find a way to mark content that is behind DLC payment vs content available to all
  • Update Main page to show that Black Armory is live
  • Update year one weapons that had random rolls added to them

Weapon and Armor Stuff

  • Standardize formatting - (Example of a finished page)
  • Fill in missing info for Curse of Osiris Weapons
  • Fill in missing info for Curse of Osiris Armor
  • Update Weapon Perks
  • Update Armor Perks
  • Create pages for missing Perks
  • Fill in PvP Stats infobox for Curse of Osiris Weapons
  • Add ability to sort weapons/armor by release
  • Add ability to view weapons/armor only from specific releases
  • Add column for curated rolls for weapons/armor
  • Add ability to see what rolls are available for weapons/armor
  • Update Mods page for latest mods for Black Armory, remove old mods
  • Add Black Armory weapons and Armor
  • Add links to how to achieve certain types of armor/weapons from events only
  • Add proper images to Kibou-AR3
  • Add Black Armory Items to corresponding weapon and armor pages

Article Creation

  • Redeemables Done
  • Mod Components Created (needs a picture) Done
  • Heroic Strikes Done (redirects to Strikes since Heroic Strikes is basically Vanguard Strikes plus the two Curse of Osiris strikes)
  • Heroic Adventures Created (still adding modifiers as daily rollovers reveal new ones)
  • Items from Warmind
  • Items from Forsaken
  • Items from Black Armory
  • Catalysts and where they can be found

Article Expansion

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