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Individual Article Curation[edit]

Weapon and Armor Stuff[edit]

  • Add missing perk to each armor item
  • Add missing perk to each class item
  • Organize Armor Sets
  • Add Missing Armor Pieces
  • Update Weapon Perks
  • Create pages for all the perks that are not on wiki!
    • Create pages for all armor perks that are not on wiki (including armor / class items / ghost shell perks)!
    • Create pages for all weapon perks that are not on wiki!
  • Add missing weapon stats
  • Add weapon pvp stats

Article Creation[edit]


Clarion Calls

The Director


Code of the Protector / Code of the Aggressor / Code of the Earthshaker / Code of the Juggernaut / Code of the Fire-Forged / Code of the Siegebreaker

Hunter Trees
Warlock Trees

Redeemables - Mod Components - Weapon Materials

Consumables - Fireteam Medallion - Scout Reports - XP Boost

Mercury - Infinite Forest - Lighthouse

Raid Lair - Leviathan, Eater of Worlds

Brother Vance - Lighthouse Engram

Heroic Strikes Playlist

Article Expansion[edit]

Faction Tokens

High Value Targets

The Tower

The Farm


Engrams - Bright Engram - Luminous Engrams - Clan Engram - Clan Raid Engram

Loot Caches

Commander's Blessing



Ninth Aura - Trials of the Nine Flawless

Imperial Aura - Prestige Leviathan


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