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Dungeons are 3-player PvE activities with no matchmaking, and are similar to raids.


Dungeons feature bosses and complex mechanics. They often include platforming segments, as well as puzzles. While they are generally intended for fireteams of three, dungeons can be completed alone, with some Triumphs and rewards requiring a solo completion to earn. Dungeons do not use the revive token system found in raids, allowing teammates to respawn themselves after a certain amount of time passes. Solo players can only revive themselves when respawns are not restricted. There are checkpoints at certain sections and encounters, which allow players to leave the dungeon and continue from the checkpoint when they return. However, players attempting certain Triumphs, such as solo or flawless completions, must play through the dungeon in a single session.

All dungeons released from Grasp of Avarice onward feature the Master difficulty level. This adds additional modifiers, such as Match Game and Champions, and has a higher recommended Power Level that increases with each Season. Encounters completed on Master difficulty can drop armor, Enhancement Prisms, Ascendant Shards, and Adept Weapon Mods. Armor dropped from dungeons on Master difficulty will have the Artifice Armor perk, granting an extra slot where a mod from the current Seasonal Artifact can be equipped.


As of the Season of the Haunted, raids and dungeons use a rotator system that affects how often rewards can drop from each activity, as well as whether or not Master difficulty is available.

The newest dungeon will drop Pinnacle rewards once per week from each encounter, per character. Until the next dungeon is released, this dungeon will have no reward lockouts, allowing it to drop rewards every time an encounter is completed, and Master difficulty will always be selectable.[1]

All older dungeons are placed into a weekly rotation, cycling in order of release. In-game, the current week's dungeon will be marked with a weekly challenge; completing its final encounter will grant a Pinnacle Gear drop, once per character. All reward lockouts are removed for this dungeon, allowing its encounters to be farmed repeatedly for drops. Master difficulty can also be selected for the weekly dungeon. The other dungeons will only drop rewards from each encounter once per character, and will not offer Master difficulty as an option.[1]


The Shattered Throne banner.png Name: The Shattered Throne
Location: The Dreaming City
Bosses: Vorgeth, The Boundless Hunger (Taken Ogre)
Dûl Incaru, the Eternal Return (Wizard)
Enemies: Taken
Expansion: Season of the Outlaw icon.png Forsaken Pack
Pit of Heresy banner.png Name: Pit of Heresy
Location: The Moon
Boss: Zulmak, Instrument of Torment (Knight)
Enemies: Hive
Expansion: Shadowkeep season icon.png Shadowkeep
Prophecy banner.png Name: Prophecy
Location: IX Realms (Legends)
Bosses: Phalanx Echo (Taken Phalanx)
Kell Echo (Taken Captain)
Enemies: Taken
Expansion: Season of Arrivals icon.png Season of Arrivals (free for all players)
Grasp of Avarice.jpg Name: Grasp of Avarice
Location: Cosmodrome
Bosses: Phry'zhia the Insatiable (Ogre)
Captain Avarokk the Covetous (Captain)
Enemies: Hive
Expansion: 30th Anniversary icon.png Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack
Duality dungeon banner.jpg Name: Duality
Location: Derelict Leviathan (The Moon)
Bosses: Nightmare of Gahlran, Sorrow Bearer (Gladiator)
Nightmare of Caiatl, Princess-Imperial (Centurion)
Enemies: Cabal
Expansion: The Witch Queen Dungeon Key.jpg The Witch Queen Dungeon Key
Spire of the Watcher banner.jpg Name: Spire of the Watcher
Location: Mars (Savathûn's Throne World)
Bosses: Akelous, the Siren's Current (Harpy)
Persys, Primordial Ruin (Wyvern)
Enemies: Vex
Expansion: The Witch Queen Dungeon Key.jpg The Witch Queen Dungeon Key
Ghosts of the Deep banner.jpg Name: Ghosts of the Deep
Location: Titan (H.E.L.M.)
Bosses: Ecthar, the Shield of Savathûn (Lightbearer Knight)
Šimmumah ur-Nokru, Lucent Necromancer (Lightbearer Wizard)
Enemies: Hive
Expansion: Lightfall Dungeon Key.jpg Lightfall Dungeon Key


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