The Shattered Throne

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The Shattered Throne
The Shattered Throne banner.png
Location Dreaming City
Players 1-3
Power 1100
Expansion Season of the Outlaw icon.pngForsaken
Enemies Taken
Boss Vorgeth, The Boundless Hunger (Taken Ogre)
Dûl Incaru, the Eternal Return (Wizard)
Description Strike back at the curse that plagues the Dreaming City.

The Shattered Throne is the first dungeon in Destiny 2, introduced in Forsaken.


Enemies Encountered


  • Vorgeth, The Boundless Hunger (Taken Ogre)
  • Dûl Incaru, the Eternal Return (Wizard)



Next Architect is in Binary Shrine.
Players appear in front of a locked gate which opens on approach and leads to the first encounter, where they have to defeat eight Labyrinth Architect bosses. Each Labyrinth Architect spawns in a certain area of this zone, and they do so in a specific order. The only path from the gate leads to the Ingress, where the first Labyrinth Architect spawns. It is a Taken Knight, and it always is the first Architect the players have to defeat. After the group defeats all enemies present, a symbol will appear, indicating where the next Architect has spawned.
Wish Dragon 2.png Tower of the Deep is located to the left of the Ingress. Its Labyrinth Architect is a Taken Captain.
Wish Fish 2.png Garden of the Prophet is located to the right of the Ingress. Its Architect is a Taken Vandal.
Wish Bird 4.png Tower of the Sky is located across a broken bridge from the Garden of the Prophet. The boss is a Taken Hobgoblin.
Wish Snake 1.png Temple of the Infinite is located across a bridge from the Tower of the Deep. Its boss is a Taken Centurion.
Wish Fish 3.png Shattered Cliffs can be found by following a side path starting shortly before the Tower of the Deep. The Architect is a Taken Phalanx.
Wish Snake 4.png Binary Shrine is the building in the center of the area. The Labyrinth Architect is a Taken Minotaur.
Wish Bird 1.png Hallowed Ground is the building accessed from the Ingress. Its boss is a Taken Captain.

Labyrinth Architects are protected by groups of Taken Acolytes. Additional enemies in this encounter spawn when players approach their posts. Taken Thralls spawn on paths from the Ingress to the Tower of the Deep and Garden of the Prophet, and in front of the Temple of the Sky. Taken Phalanxes spawn on bridges from the Garden of the Prophet to the Tower of the Sky and the Binary Shrine. Taken Captains spawn on a path between Temple of the Infinite and Binary Shrine, and in front of the Shattered Cliffs. Taken Hobgoblins spawn at roof levels near the path between the Tower of the Deep and Temple of the Infinite, between Binary Shrine and exits from the Ingress.

The Taken Captain in the Hallowed Ground is always the last Architect the players have to defeat, doing so unlocks a gate in the floor, allowing the group to drop down into the Descent.

Dreaming Token icon.jpg Dreaming Token of Querim

There are three hidden bosses in the Shattered Throne, they have to be defeated while holding onto their Dreaming Tokens from the ??? mission to obtain the Wish-ender icon1.jpg Wish-Ender. They have to be defeated before the stages they appear in are completed.

The Tower of the Deep has a second floor, it can be accessed by jumping in from rocks and statues outside. Inside there is an Arc Charge, which has to be delivered to the rooftop of the Binary Shrine and into the hands of a statue without an orb. Doing so spawns Theratos, Archersbane and Querim, the Waking (Taken Minotaurs). Defeating both turns the player's Dreaming Token of Querim into the Waking Token of Querim.

The Descent

The Taken Ogres room.
The players have to drop down into a large open area. There is a path leading up the stairs into a large building. Several Taken Minotaurs and Taken Acolytes guard the area, assisted by Taken Vandal snipers. Taken Phalanx spawns midway into the ascent, and Asterion, Set Apart (Taken Captain) stays near the door, which opens after the boss is defeated.

The building's first room contains a bridge with missing sections, and narrow lanes near the walls which players can use to cross the first gap. Some Taken Knights are stationed on the lanes, Taken Hobgoblin snipers stay in the farther part of the room, and Taken Phalanxes occupy the bridge. After reaching the other side, the team has to turn left and go up the stairs into a room with support beams connected to pillars above the abyss. Taken Ogres spawn by some of the pillars and use their Rotten Surge attack to push players off the beams. Other pillars have Taken Blights on them, with rotating portions which knock players down into the pit. The group has to navigate to the solid ground to the left, which leads to a room with a slowing field.

Players cannot sprint while in the field, their health does not regenerate, and Shadow Thralls spawn in the area infinitely. The team has to go down the stairs to the left, take a left turn after entering a large room, go down a smaller set of stairs and jump out of the slowing field to a lower floor. A group of Shadow Thralls also spawns after the landing.

The team will exit into an open area with pieces of floor floating above a bottomless pit. Players have to go to a closed gate on the other side, then turn right and move in that direction while hugging the wall. Taken pulses push players into the abyss, so do the Taken Phalanxes which spawn at certain points on this path. After reaching another section of floating floor pieces the players have to jump across into an area with many Taken Phalanxes, defeat them and enter the building they were guarding.

Dreaming Token icon.jpg Dreaming Token of Eriviks

The second hidden boss requires two Arc Charges being delivered to two statues.

The first set is located in the Ogre room. The Arc Charge is behind one of the rightmost pillars when viewed from the entrance to the broken bridge room, where Toland occasionally hangs out. The statue is on the wall across from that entrance, on the leftmost platform. The second set is located in the slowing room. The player has to turn right and get the Arc Charge in a side room after entering the field. The orb is deposited into a statue on the right wall in the landing room.

With both orbs delivered, the gate in the next area will open, leading to a room with many Taken Psions. Defeating them spawns Eriviks, the Waking (Taken Captain), defeating it turns the player's Dreaming Token of Eriviks into the Waking Token of Eriviks.

Vorgeth, the Boundless Hunger

The building contains the first boss of the dungeon.

Vorgeth is a Taken Ogre protected from all damage by a shield, it stays in the middle of the room. Four Keepers of Petitions (Taken Wizards) spawn near each wall, they are protected by Taken Vandals, Taken Goblins and Taken Hobgoblins. When a Keeper is defeated, it leaves a sphere behind, collecting one gives all players the Petitioner's Mark buff, which lasts for 45 seconds and stacks up to four times. If Petitioner's Mark's timer reaches 0, players die, but it can be refreshed by picking up more spheres. At four stacks the buff turns into Petitioner's Burden, which can be deposited into one of the four altars surrounding the boss. Doing so briefly removes the shield from Vorgeth, allowing players to damage it. Once a Burden has been deposited, that altar cannot accept one again, meaning players have to defeat the boss in four damage phases or less.

Dreaming Token icon.jpg Dreaming Token of Xavoth

The last hidden boss can be summoned only while fighting Vorgeth. Once the boss' shield is removed, a Taken Minotaur named Fleeting Shade spawns in the far right corner of the room when viewed from the entrance. Defeating it spawns an Arc Charge near the gate into the next area, and the statue can be found by the left wall when viewed from the entrance.

Xavoth, the Waking is a Taken Ogre, it has less health than Vorgeth and no shield, and has to be defeated first. Doing so turns the player's Dreaming Token of Xavoth into the Waking Token of Xavoth.

Wish-ender icon2.jpg Wish-Ender

Sjur Eido.
Once Vorgeth is defated, the gate at the far end of the room opens leading to the statue of Sjur Eido. Players on the Wish-ender icon2.jpg Wish-Ender quest can talk to her to unlock the ??? mission on the Tangled Shore, completing it gives them the three Dreaming Token icon.jpg Dreaming Tokens. Players with three Waking Token icon.jpg Waking Tokens can talk to Sjur to receive the Wish-ender icon1.jpg Wish-Ender bow.


Behind the statue there are floating pieces of a bridge leading downwards, where four Hive Wizards surround a lift of sorts. The group has to jump on the lift and float up into the next room, where Taken Acolytes and Yamaat, Ascendant Sentinel (Taken Knight) protect another lift.

This one takes players to a narrow beam, at the opposite end of which is a drop into the next room, guarded by Taken Captains. The next room contains Taken Vandals and another lift, which takes players to a broken narrow beam and more Taken Captains. The beam leads into a room with a staircase and infinitely spawning Shadow Thralls. After ascending, the players should take a right turn to another portion of narrow beams and Taken Phalanxes.

After following the path the players have to take a right turn and hug the wall while avoiding Taken pulses and Taken Hobgoblins. The wall eventually ends by some stairs, which lead to several lifts which take the group to Dûl Incaru, the Eternal Return.

Dûl Incaru, the Eternal Return

Dûl Incaru, the Eternal Return.
Dûl Incaru is a Hive Wizard, she is protected by three Fatesmiths of Incaru (Knights) and a large amount of Taken Psions which spawn throughout the battle. She is immune, players need to get the Finite Thought buff to be able to damage her. Spheres with this buff drop from Fatesmiths, once one player picks it up, their teammates get the buff as well, and it can stack up to three times, increasing damage dealt to the boss. The buff lasts for 45 seconds, and when it expires, the team dies. Each player can remove their buff by standing on a table in the center of the stage.

Fatesmiths wield only axes and have no ranged attacks, but they can teleport and move faster the more health they lose. Occasionally Dûl Incaru conjures a large crystal which makes her Knights immune to damage, the crystal can be destroyed by shooting at it. She also summons her Fatesmiths back after they have been killed.


  • All weapons and armor from the Dreaming City can be obtained from this dungeon. Armor will drop with higher stats, while weapons can roll perks that are unavailable from sources outside of the dungeon.[1] One weapon or armor item will drop from the Erebus, Vorgeth, and Dûl Incaru encounters when they are completed.
  • Wish-Ender is obtained by doing the Wish-Ender quest, acquiring three tokens through a mission on the Tangled Shore, and charging them by defeating three hidden enemies in this dungeon.
  • The Pallas Galliot ship can drop from any encounter in the Shattered Throne.
  • Completing this dungeon alone and claiming the Triumph for it rewards The Eternal Return Emblem.
Wish-ender icon1.jpg Kinetic Wish-Ender
Primary ammo Combat Bow
Pallas galliot icon1.jpg Pallas Galliot
The eternal return icon1.jpg The Eternal Return


  • The sections with endlessly-spawning Shadow Thrall, one before Vorgeth and the other before Dûl Incaru, are commonly referred to by players as the Thrallway encounters or checkpoints. They were often used for farming, until the Thrall were changed to no longer grant rewards in Version[2].

Patch History

    • Fixed an issue where the dungeon node would not appear to some players.
  • 3.3.0[4]
    • Fixed issue where Dreaming City bounties with gear rewards would sometimes not drop gear.
      • These bounties can no longer roll Shattered Throne-specific perks when claimed within the dungeon.
  • 3.1.0[1]
    • Shattered Throne chests will no longer drop items that have reached their max power caps.
    • Reverie Dawn armor that drops in the Shattered Throne dungeon will roll with higher stats, comparable to raid armors.
    • Dreaming City weapons that drop in the Shattered Throne dungeon can roll with perks that are unavailable from drops from other reward sources.
    • Fixed an issue where music might not play during the final encounter.
    • Fixed an issue where a door could get stuck locked and prevent players from progressing.
  • 3.0.2[5]
    • Improved health bar rubber-banding behavior in the Dûl Incaru boss encounter in the Shattered Throne dungeon.
  • 2.8.1[6]
    • Fixed an issue causing a crash when players attempted to turn in their Awoken Talisman to the statue of Sjur Eido in the Shattered Throne dungeon.
  • 2.6.1[7]
    • Balanced Awoken Talisman has been removed from veteran players' inventories; it is no longer needed to access Dreaming City/Shattered Throne/Wish Ender quest
    • Fixed an issue where, upon defeating Dul Incaru at the end of Shattered Throne, players could return to orbit and have a checkpoint for the activity; defeating the boss will now immediately complete the activity and award credit
  • 2.2.0[8]
    • Fixed an issue where "The Eternal Return" emblem wasn't tracking Shattered Throne completions


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