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Forsaken cover.jpg
Title Forsaken
Platforms Xbox One X, PlayStation 4, PC
Publisher Activision
Developer Bungie
Released September 4, 2018

Forsaken is the third DLC expansion for Destiny 2.



In a high-stakes prison escape, Uldren and his eight Barons took out legendary Hunter, Cayde-6, and unleashed chaos across the Reef. Take justice into your own hands as you venture into a new frontier filled with enemies, allies, untold mysteries, and treasures waiting to be uncovered.


Cayde-6, the Vanguard Scout, is removed from the game, and his wares are gone with him. Ikora Rey does not offer Meditations anymore, instead the player can replay story missions by selecting "Daily Heroic Story Missions" from the Vanguard Director.

Heroic adventures are now available on all destinations, but only when the destination is a Flashpoint. Destination Tokens and Rare destination materials cannot be obtained anymore. Anything that granted Destination Tokens now offers ordinary destination materials. Xûr's icon no longer appears on the map to show his location, and his location is not necessarily a Flashpoint anymore. Most of the Milestones are converted into Challenges.

Each character subclass receives a new subclass tree with different Supers. New "Triumphs" menu, which contain triumphs and triumph seals. By doing certain actions, the player gets rewarded with triumphs which appear on this menu. Certain triumphs are grouped into seals which give the players titles when completed. These titles appear under the player name and are seen by other players. New "Collections" menu, which allows the player to see which gear they have collected, and short directions on how to get the uncollected items. Certain collected items can be reclaimed from the Collections by spending Glimmer, Legendary Shards and Gunsmith Materials.

Weapon system is reworked: most weapons drop with random stats and perks from the ones that can be applied to that weapon. Randomised gear cannot be reclaimed from Collections. Mods are learned when the player gets them, and can be installed into any appropriate weapon without being consumed.

Raid revive mechanics are changed: each player has a single revive token they can consume to resurrect a teammate, but if a player was not revived in 2:30 minutes, the entire team wipes.


Forsaken adds a new Story Campaign as well as two patrol zones: the Tangled Shore and the Dreaming City. A new enemy type appears on these destinations: the Scorn. A new type of activity can be accessed from the Dreaming City: The Shattered Throne dungeon. Dungeons are similar to Raids, but can be completed solo or with a fireteam of three, and the mechanics are less challenging. The Blind Well is a new horde mode, similar to the Escalation Protocol. A new raid, the Last Wish, is also included in this expansion, as well as the new mode which blends PvE and PvP gameplay, the Gambit.

New vendors: the Drifter, who offers quests and Gambit bounties; the Spider, who offers Tangled Shore and WANTED bounties, and exchanges destination materials with players for Glimmer and Legendary Shards; and Petra Venj, who offers Dreaming City quests and bounties and sells Raid Banners.

New weapon type: Combat Bow. Bows are used at long ranges, do not need to be reloaded, but have draw times instead.


The release of Forsaken began the Year 2 of Destiny 2. There are four seasons in this year, with the first one consisting of the base Forsaken content. The latter three were part of the Annual Pass, but now most of their content is available to anyone who buys the expansion.

Season of the Outlaw icon.png Season of the Outlaw — base Forsaken content;
Season of the Forge icon.png Season of the Forge — also known as "Black Armory";
Season of the Drifter icon.png Season of the Drifter — also known as "Joker's Wild";
Season of Opulence icon.png Season of Opulence — also known as "Penumbra".

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