Last Wish

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Last Wish
Last Wish Raid banner.png
Location Dreaming City
Players 6
Recommended Power 1100
Enemies Taken
Boss Kalli, the Corrupted
Shuro Chi, the Corrupted
Morgeth, the Spirekeeper
Riven of a Thousand Voices
Expansion Forsaken
Description "The opportunity of a lifetime."

Last Wish is a raid released in Forsaken.

Wall of Wishes

Main page: Wall of Wishes

The Wall of Wishes can be accessed from a hidden path before the first encounter. This area allows players to enter "wishes" (similar to cheat codes) that affect the raid in various ways.

Kalli the Corrupted


Activate the relevant plates to activate the safe room doors, damage Kalli and use said doors to survive the wipe mechanic.


1. 3 pairs of symbols are shown underneath the banners around the middle of the room. Each symbol corresponds to a plate on the outer circle someone needs to stand on. The symbol is in the air above the plate.

2. Once stood on long enough, a knight will spawn. Kill the knight to enable the safe room doors.

3. With all symbols activated (they will disappear as they are completed), group up in the centre and damage the boss.

4. When Kalli raises her weapon (accompanied by a text notification in the left side), safe room doors open underneath her. Step in within around 10 seconds to close the door and survive the wipe mechanic.

5. Repeat Damage > Safe room doors 2 more times for technically 3 damage phases.

6. With all 3 sides used up, repeat the encounter from the beginning.


  • Spread out around the room. To be efficient every player should be on a plate. If you're playing it safe you and team up in pairs.
  • Naturally, avoid the Taken blasts on 2/3 of the plate.
  • If Kalli teleports near your plate, shoot her a few times. She should leave quickly with a few shots.
  • There is plenty of time to activate all plates as a group of 6, make sure teammates are okay before grouping in the middle.
  • EP shotgun melt + Lunafaction boots is efficient, Whisper also works but the head can be difficult to hit. Supers also do significantly well. Damage shouldn't be a problem if all members shoot the boss.
  • Each symbol activated represents a row that will have open doors. This means 2 symbols activated = one side of safe room doors for your team.
  • Get used to these callouts, you will need them in future encounters.

First Bonus Chest

In the right side of the first column you pass when you travel underneath the bridge. The blight teleporter is right next to it.

Shuro Chi the Corrupted


Clear enemies, break Shuro Chi's shield and deal enough damage per each phase. Complete the puzzle in each oracle room and climb the structure all the way to the top.


1. Clear waves of ads up to where Shuro Chi is stationed.

2. Get 3 guardians to pick up the prisms, jump on the plates and form a triangle with their beams (shoot button).

3. Damage Shuro Chi for 1/6 of her health.

4. Continue to the second section on the same floor. Break shield and damage.

5. Enter the oracle room. Solve 3 puzzles on the wall one at a time by jumping on the relevant plates to complete the picture/symbol.

6. Climb to the next level and repeat this for 2 more levels including 1 more puzzle section.


  • Nighstalker tether with Orpheus Rig is king here. Each wave tethered correctly including waves around the boss can give you your super back if done correctly.
  • The Eye of Riven Knights drop relics which will be used for multiple purposes this raid. You can use your primary attack, grenade, and super buttons with this. In addition, if you hold this for over 10 stacks of the debuff you will die (like Greed in Spire of Stars).
  • In this encounter, you can use the super ability when holding the relic to delay the wipe mechanic when Shuro Chi raises her weapon. This is not necessary though.
  • In the puzzle rooms, designating 4 people for the puzzle and 2 for ad clear is suggested.
  • If you step off a plate in the puzzle room, you cannot step back on the same plate again. If you accidentally get on a plate, switch with a teammate to avoid this.
  • Be aware of the orientation of the plates to the puzzle. If you orientate yourself to the puzzle every time, every plate changes its position except for the middle. This combined with not being able to jump on the same plate twice in a row means you need to be aware of which plate you stood on in the last section,
  • Avoid going next to the edges of the structure around Shuro Chi before you are ready to break the shield, she can knock you up and off the structure with one ability combo.
  • Damaging with Lunafaction rifts and EP shotgun, Whisper, Sleeper, and many more are efficient. Again, damage is not too much of a problem especially when someone staggers with the relics that are dropped.

Second Bonus Chest

Enter the building, climb the tree and go through the crystal room. Once you reach a big tree, find an exit to the left. Jump on ledges on the left of the cliff face while moving forward and you'll reach a chest on the edge of the cliff.

Morgeth the Spirekeeper


Survive waves of enemies while collecting the Taken Strength which spawn around the map, cleanse snared teammates, and use the final taken strength spawn to remove Morgeth's shield and damage him before he wipes the team at 100% strength.


1. Collect the initial taken strength that spawns next to Morgeth. This begins he fight. Waves start spawning.

2. Collect taken blights as they spawn. Each person can only hold 2 Taken Strength stacks, collecting a 3rd will cause death.

3. After the first spawn of 4 taken blights (2 each side), Morgeth will snare a random guardian who has taken strength. Have the team kill the Eye of Riven knights before this happens so a guardian without any taken strength stacks and use the orb dropped to cleanse the snare. This transfers the stacks of the snared guardian to the cleanser (to cleanse with the orb, press the grenade button next to the affected target)

4. Collect another set of taken strength spawns and repeat another snare situation as above.

5. Have a Guardian with 1 or 0 stacks of taken strength to grab the final spawn next to Morgeth. This starts damage phase.

6. Shoot the boss (crit spot on the back) while Morgeth's strength rises considerably faster. Either kill him or continue to the next step

7. Have one guardian prepared with an orb dropped by the Eye of Riven knights. Before Morgeth reaches 100% power, get close enough and use the super ability of the orb to stagger the boss. Repeat the fight from step one with 2 initial taken strength spawns.


  • It is advised to split into two sides with 3 people on each. Have one person designated to collect 2 taken strength first, someone to grab them second, and one person to grab the orb dropped by the Eye of Riven knights and cleanse if necessary.
  • If someone dies holding taken strength, it immediately returns to the field and begins charging up Morgeth, so dying is naturally not suggested.
  • Eye of Riven knights can spawn at the top or bottom spawn locations on each side. Yes, they can both spawn on one side. Communicate this to teammates so those with taken strength can move closer to the orb drops or so the cleansers are prepared to run across the map.
  • I have been told that cleansing a teammate transfers all stacks to the cleanser. If this theory is correct then cleansing someone while the cleanser has enough stacks will potentially kill you (since 1+2 / 2+1 = 3, and 3 = death)
  • Whisper is highly suggested for damage. This crit spot is massive and a sentinel shield titan on the middle tree subclass can pop his super when the axion bolts get close to defend the team.
  • If you are going for the kill on a phase, ignore the Eye of Riven knight orbs once you start damage phase as you will either kill him or wipe. If you are going for a stagger, you MUST keep an orb alive and someone needs to pick it up to use on the boss. I would suggest one person pick up the orb a few seconds into damage or even at the start of damage phase if you are being cautious. Remember, you will die if you hold the orbs too long.

The Vault


Use the orbs dropped by the Eye of Riven knights to unlock 3 plates on the mechanism. The method is based around the symbols shown when all three plates are stood on and whether the orb displays a "Penumbra" or "Antumbra" debuff. Stop the knights from locking the vault mechanism and wiping the encounter. Repeat this for 3 rounds for a total of 9 times unlocking plates.


Step on all 3 plates to start the encounter, remain on these plates to display the set of 3 symbols for each side. An extensive guide to determine whether a Penumbra or Antumbra orb is required on the plate will be at How The Vault Works below

1. Clear enemies until the entrance to two sides are locked. Proceed to kill more enemies and the Eye of Riven knight that spawns, collecting the orb. The entrance to this side is locked and another one opens.

2. Travel through the cave system either clockwise or counter clockwise to the next open section. While this is happening a knight spawns from one side. Kill this knight before he slams his sword into a plate, take too long and he will wipe the encounter.

3. Use the orb's grenade ability on a particular plate depending on whether it is a Penumbra or Antumbra orb.

4. Repeat for a total of 3 plates with the amount on knights increasing each time until the 2nd round.

5. Repeat these steps including standing on the plates again for new symbols for a total of 3 times to complete the encounter.

How The Vault Works

The vault works like this • Penumbra or Antumbra will rotate the row of three symbols Clockwise or Anticlockwise respectively.

(Pen = Clockwise, Ant = Anticlockwise).

The goal is to rotate the symbols so the symbol that passes through the top circle, located above the middle symbol, is a DUPLICATE of ANOTHER PLATE'S middle symbol.

Here is a guide to determine whether Pen or Ant is required on the plates:

1. Each person calls out the symbol in the middle of their sequence.

2. Each person looks for the symbols called out. If they see a symbol called on the left, they can deduce their plate needs Pen. If they see a duplicate on the right, it is Ant.


  • Figure out callouts for the side rooms. Left / Right / Middle is good. I've also heard of Trees / Rocks / Globe or entrance. Just make sure the team is aware.
  • Also figure out a consensus on what you are calling the symbols. There are a few pictures out there with names for symbols.
  • You can complete the encounter by only figuring out what 2 plates need. If both plates need Pen, then the remaining plate needs Ant and vice versa. If the first 2 plates are different, as in first one is Pen second one is Ant, then you can use the relevant orb on those fivo sides and the third orb will always work on the final


  • Once you figure out which way the side rooms open requiring people to travel clockwise and anticlockwise around the tunnel system, it will stay that direction for the entire round. It may change between rounds so keep communicating.
  • Each time you unlock a plate, an extra Knight will spawn and attempt to slam their sword into the plates. They spawn in the back of the side rooms. EP Shotguns, Supers, Sleeper, and Acrius are all good options, just be sure to team up and help all sides once knights start dying.
  • Cover the people on the plates while they look at symbols. This is the most complicated system in a raid of Destiny 2 so for teams starting out it may take some time to figure out what is needed for the plate.
  • Tractor cannon for the Eye of Riven knights is a viable strategy. To my knowledge it was first popularized by a team GigE was with on stream, but regardless it removes the requirement of travelling through the tunnels. Be careful not to push the enemies into already blocked off sides as this causes time loss and likely a wipe.

Riven of a Thousand Voices


Split into teams and travel to two different rooms. Complete the same objectives at different times as the other team, sharing information to help stop Riven from wiping the encounter. Group back up at the top floor, stagger Riven three times for more information to stop her from once again wiping the team. Return to the plates that start the encounter and float down, shooting weak spots for significant damage to the boss.

Damage the boss enough to be transported to the ascendant realm (shown by the last section of her health bar). Climb the debris, and grab the taken strength. Finish off Riven and climb inside the boss to finish off the blight inside.


Split the teams to the left and right side of the rooms. Each travel to a different room.

Riven will appear on one side which determines what your team will be doing.


1. Stagger the boss by one of two methods:

  • If her tentacles / claws extend into the room, you must bait one by standing underneath it, shooting it when it impales into the ground.
  • If her tentacles remain contracted, avoid Riven's blast and shoot her mouth right after. If done successfully; her face will open and two eyes will be glowing. These must be communicated to the other team

2. Kill the enemies, including the Eye of Riven knight. Pick up the eye and communicate the symbol seen in front of the pillar in the room.

3. One teammate will need to stand on this pillar on the other side, communicating which location the orb holder needs to go to. Once said teammate is standing in the right plate, they need to press the grenade button to cleanse the spot.

4. Travel up the lift at the back of the room.


1. Kill the enemies, including the Eye of Riven knight. Pick up the eye and communicate the symbol seen in front of the pillar in the room.

2. One teammate will need to stand on this pillar on the other side, communicating which location the orb holder needs to go to. Once said teammate is standing in the right plate, they need to press the grenade button to cleanse the spot.

3. Riven will appear on your side once the other side staggers her. Shoot her mouth for damage but destroy both eyes communicated by the other team to stop her from wiping the encounter.

4. Travel up the lift at the back of the room assuming the spot has been cleansed.

Repeat these steps again for the next level above.

5. Group up in the top room, staggering the boss in the same fashion around the room for a total of 3 times. Record the glowing eyes on each stagger.

6. The fourth time Riven comes out, shoot her mouth for damage and destroy all 6 eyes recorded from the previous staggers in around 3 second of each other at least and before she wipes the encounter.

7. Return to the plates before dying from the debuff.

8. Drop down and shoot green spots on Riven. As you progress down the room and shoot more spots, axion bolts will spawn which follow you when you fall, you must watch out for these.

9. Repeat the above steps until you reach the last little bar of Riven's health, you are then transported to the ascendant realm of the centre room.

10. Travel up the debris and avoid being pushed off by the phalanxes in the area. Pick up the taken strength to transport everyone out of the realm.

11. Riven will show up again, shoot her and kill her. Once on O health, enter her mouth when you can and destroy the taken blight inside.


This fight requires guardians to stay alive while also playing against the clock. Too slow and you don't get the staggers right and will wipe. Too fast comparatively to your other team and they can fall behind and cause all sorts of problems. Both teams need to be on their game and working efficiently.

Use predetermined callouts in the room to speed up the process. Here are a few I recommend. The third picture of a new layout only occasionally occurs on the second floor of the tree side room.

I HIGHLY suggest 1-10 callouts because it quick, efficient, and causes no confusion. LI-5 and RI-5 is commonly used, which is good but can cause problems with mispronunciation.

I ALSO HIGHLY suggest knowing the cleansing locations by a single callout. Directing a teammate takes time and can get confusing, which has led to wipes in a large amount of my attempts. Time is of the essence.

On the tentacle stagger mechanic, you can get away with only two slams and only kinetic weapon damage. Make sure the three guardians focus entirely on the tentacle when it slams, and it will always stagger.

On the mouth blast stagger mechanic, Riven will shoot around S times. It's possible to stagger in 1 but make sure to get in damage when you can.

If a team has staggered Riven fast, make sure to communicate that. Using the orb to cleanse shouldn't take priority over staying alive. Be comfortable with leaving the orb on the ground while you stop Riven from wiping you, if the occasion presents itself. If you are slow with cleansing; you will likely be rudely interrupted by Riven if you're not careful.

Hobgoblins that spawn on the side of rooms on occasion HURT. General set up should be 1 on the left, 1 on the right, 1 on middle enemies, and rotate into other roles from there.

In the middle room, use supers to clear the ogres that spawn. They WILL push you around and WILL wipe your team if left unchecked.

For the final damage phase where you shoot 6 eyes, I suggest standing at the opposite end of the room. You can still shoot Riven with snipers / long range weapons and you will not be disturbed by the ogres/enemies that spawn.

Regarding strategy of shooting eyes, I suggest the buddy system. Each set has 2 people assigned to them. Each person shoots one of the eyes in the set then looks to shoot the other eye. This way the team can double check and avoid wipes.

When destroying green weak spots, avoid shooting them when a teammate is floating nearby. When you reach closer to the bottom, doing this is almost always going to cause a death due to axion bolts• Play it safe, get Riven to around 50% health and you will be set.

Dawnblade with phoenix dive is incredibly good on weak spots. Let your teammates shoot the higher spots and dive to the bottom early. You can shoot hard to get spots and maximise damage

If someone dies on the way down when you shoot the weak spots, their ghost will relocate to the Tree side room. Rotate members over from the tree room to the crystal room if necessary and make sure you bring someone with a Resurrection token to revive the downed teammate and keep the run going.

In the ascendant realm, don't panic. There is a time limit and your health will slowly drop. Use healing rifts / wells of radiance, overshield grenades, and other abilities to keep health up. Kill everything in your path and move in a quick but smart fashion.

There is also a minor shortcut in the realm. It is slightly more difficult but if you turn to the right when you spawn in and walk up the narrow piece of debris, you eventually reach the same spot in a faster time.

Try to save a Well of Radiance (Solar Warlock subclass, middle tree) for the final damage phase and in the final blight if you can.



Carry the heart of Riven and use the bubble to stop the darkness from killing your team. Teammates who hold the heart will be teleported inside it once the timer is up. Once inside, collect taken strengths to extend the timer someone can hold the heart. Travel backwards while killing enemies, through the vault and the tunnel system and dunk the heart in the altar.


1. The heart will choose someone to begin carrying. Travel as a team but stay away from the heart runner when the timer hits 0. Those too close will be sucked into the heart along with the runner.

2. A random teammate will pick up the next orb. Travel down the hallway and clear the enemies while protecting the runner and using the bubble to not die.

3. The first runner inside kills waves of enemies and locates taken strengths around the room, collecting them to extend the timer back to 15 seconds. This starts at requiring 1 taken strength to extend then increasing by 1 each time someone enters the heart.

4. Travel through the hallway. You will r'each a room with crystals on the floor which deal damage over time. Generally, avoid walking on the floor here but you can sustain some damage.

5. Once you reach the vault, go into the open side room (either trees or rocks, left or right) and take the tunnel system the long way around to the entrance room / where you entered the vault.

6. Drop down the hole, climb the stairs and slam the heart into the altar.


  • The heart chooses someone at random, shown in the text on the left of the screen. Everyone should be ready to grab the heart when it is dropped to keep

moving fast.

  • Runners should count down the timer when holding the heart. When they get to 1, those inside the heart need to pick up the last taken strength required to extend the timer.
  • In the same vein, pick up the taken strengths inside the heart so that only 1 remains so you can pick it up instantly. The same rule from the 3rd encounter applies: get to 3 taken strength stacks and you die.
  • If anyone dies during the encounter, they will be transported inside the heart. Do not give up, the entire encounter takes less than] 3 minutes and can be completed with only 4 guardians running the orb if done optimally.
  • Use your supers in the first room when you exit riven. This is the highest concentration of enemies and you will likely get your super back if your entire team makes enough orbs.
  • Congratulations, at this point you reach the end of the most grueling raid in Destiny 2. Use the key gained from slaying Riven to open a chest and get your hard-earned rewards.


All encounters in this raid have a shared loot pool. Curated weapons, however, drop only from specific encounters. Curated Age-old bond icon1.jpg Age-Old Bond is a drop from Kalli, Transfiguration icon1.jpg Transfiguration drops from Shuro Chi, Nation of beasts icon1.jpg Nation of Beasts drops from Morgeth, Tyranny of heaven icon1.jpg Tyranny of Heaven can be obtained in the Vault and Chattering bone icon1.jpg Chattering Bone can drop from the final raid chests. Additionally, there are two hidden chests in the raid, they drop raid armor and weapons, and Last Wish Raid Mods. Mods are not a guaranteed drop.

Armor Sets

Helm of the great hunt icon1.jpgPlate of the great hunt icon1.jpg
Gauntlets of the great hunt icon1.jpgGreaves of the great hunt icon1.jpg
Great Hunt Titan Set
Titan Titan
Mask of the great hunt icon1.jpgVest of the great hunt icon1.jpg
Grips of the great hunt icon1.jpgStrides of the great hunt icon1.jpg
Great Hunt Hunter Set
Hunter Hunter
Hood of the great hunt icon1.jpgRobes of the great hunt icon1.jpg
Gloves of the great hunt icon1.jpgBoots of the great hunt icon1.jpg
Great Hunt Warlock Set
Warlock Warlock


Chattering bone icon1.jpg Kinetic Chattering Bone
Primary ammo Pulse Rifle
The supremacy icon1.jpg Kinetic The Supremacy
Special ammo Sniper Rifle
Transfiguration icon1.jpg Kinetic Transfiguration
Primary ammo Scout Rifle

Age-old bond icon1.jpg Void Age-Old Bond
Primary ammo Auto Rifle
Nation of beasts icon1.jpg Arc Nation of Beasts
Primary ammo Hand Cannon
Tyranny of heaven icon1.jpg Solar Tyranny of Heaven
Primary ammo Combat Bow

Techeun force icon1.jpg Arc Techeun Force
Special ammo Fusion Rifle
Apex predator icon1.jpg Solar Apex Predator
Heavy ammo Rocket Launcher
One thousand voices icon1.jpg Solar One Thousand Voices
Heavy ammo Fusion Rifle


Wish no more icon1.jpg Wish No More
Castle in the clouds icon1.jpg Castle in the Clouds
The winding tower icon1.jpg The Winding Tower

Wish ascended icon1.jpg Wish Ascended
Numbers of power icon1.jpg Numbers of Power
Dreaming spectrum icon1.jpg Dreaming Spectrum

Ermine tac-717 icon1.jpg Ermine TAC-717
Cleansing knife icon1.jpg Cleansing Knife
Wish-maker shell icon1.jpg Wish-Maker Shell
Ghost Shell


Taken Armaments icon.png Taken Armaments
Last Wish Raid Mod
Taken Barrier icon.png Taken Barrier
Last Wish Raid Mod
Paragon Mod icon.png Taken Invigoration
Last Wish Raid Mod

Taken Repurposing icon.png Taken Repurposing
Last Wish Raid Mod
Taken Spec icon.jpg Taken Spec
Weapon Mod

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