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Shaders are cosmetic items that apply a color scheme or texture to the player's equipment.

Shaders may be applied individually to the following items:

Applying a Shader to an item costs 500 glimmer. Additionally, Shaders can be applied to the entirety of a guardian's armor set for 2500 glimmer.

Season 18 Shaders

See also: Season 18 Shaders
Ancient WisdomAncient wisdom icon1.jpgLegendary
Angel's GleamAngel's gleam icon1.jpgLegendary
Breezy ClearBreezy clear icon1.jpgLegendary
Cursed AzureCursed azure icon1.jpgLegendary
DuskbloomDuskbloom icon1.jpgLegendary
Dusted TomeDusted tome icon1.jpgLegendary
Emerald SplashEmerald splash icon1.jpgLegendary
Flower ChildFlower child icon1.jpgLegendary
Pulp TexturePulp texture icon1.jpgLegendary
RavensilkRavensilk icon1.jpgLegendary
Rusted CoinRusted coin icon1.jpgLegendary
Scarlet SemblanceScarlet semblance icon1.jpgLegendary
Sundered FleshSundered flesh icon1.jpgLegendary
Tortured IvyTortured ivy icon1.jpgLegendary
Whispered SheenWhispered sheen icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 17 Shaders

See also: Season 17 Shaders
Argent TeratornArgent teratorn icon1.jpgLegendary
Crucible VermilionCrucible vermilion icon1.jpgLegendary
Gambit NephriteGambit nephrite icon1.jpgLegendary
Graceful PhantomGraceful phantom icon1.jpgLegendary
Iris GossamerIris gossamer icon1.jpgLegendary
Iron LapisIron lapis icon1.jpgLegendary
Irradiant CharoiteIrradiant charoite icon1.jpgLegendary
Regal DaringRegal daring icon1.jpgLegendary
Spectral IndigoSpectral indigo icon1.jpgLegendary
TidesmokeTidesmoke icon1.jpgLegendary
Trials JasperTrials jasper icon1.jpgLegendary
Tyrian AbyssTyrian abyss icon1.jpgLegendary
Vanguard DistinctionVanguard distinction icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 16 Shaders

See also: Season 16 Shaders
(Adroit)(adroit) icon1.jpgLegendary
3 Connections3 connections icon1.jpgLegendary
Divinity's CaressDivinity's caress icon1.jpgLegendary
Echoed AngerEchoed anger icon1.jpgLegendary
Gleaming KeepsakeGleaming keepsake icon1.jpgLegendary
Heat-ShieldedHeat-shielded icon1.jpgLegendary
LucidLucid icon1.jpgLegendary
MeditatorMeditator icon1.jpgLegendary
Mind's EyeMind's eye icon1.jpgLegendary
ParagonParagon icon1.jpgLegendary
Photo FinishPhoto finish icon1.jpgLegendary
Pole PositionPole position icon1.jpgLegendary
Queen's ColorsQueen's colors icon1.jpgLegendary
RedjackedRedjacked icon1.jpgLegendary
Royal DyeRoyal dye icon1.jpgLegendary
Royal TreatmentRoyal treatment icon1.jpgLegendary
Ruinous ClashRuinous clash icon1.jpgLegendary
Scaly KeepsakeScaly keepsake icon1.jpgLegendary
Shaded EnvyShaded envy icon1.jpgLegendary
Time-HonoredTime-honored icon1.jpgLegendary
TrinityTrinity icon1.jpgLegendary
Triumphant KeepsakeTriumphant keepsake icon1.jpgLegendary
VenomousVenomous icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 15 Shaders

See also: Season 15 Shaders
Amrita's DreamAmrita's dream icon1.jpgLegendary
ArcheoskinArcheoskin icon1.jpgLegendary
Burnished ReedBurnished reed icon1.jpgLegendary
Celestial TiesCelestial ties icon1.jpgLegendary
Cobalt ClashCobalt clash icon1.jpgLegendary
Ensilvered SnareEnsilvered snare icon1.jpgLegendary
Fetid CopperFetid copper icon1.jpgLegendary
Hazard PayHazard pay icon1.jpgLegendary
Headless HuesHeadless hues icon1.jpgLegendary
Justified CobaltJustified cobalt icon1.jpgLegendary
Lion's PrideLion's pride icon1.jpgLegendary
Malibeaux BronzeMalibeaux bronze icon1.jpgLegendary
MystoposphorMystoposphor icon1.jpgLegendary
Plated LupinusPlated lupinus icon1.jpgLegendary
Polycarbon PowderPolycarbon powder icon1.jpgLegendary
QueensgraceQueensgrace icon1.jpgLegendary
Reanimated VerveReanimated verve icon1.jpgLegendary
Reef RegaliaReef regalia icon1.jpgLegendary
RosescaleRosescale icon1.jpgLegendary
SharkbiteSharkbite icon1.jpgLegendary
Shattered SinewShattered sinew icon1.jpgLegendary
SkitchpaintSkitchpaint icon1.jpgLegendary
Smudgepot BruiseSmudgepot bruise icon1.jpgLegendary
TerrachromaTerrachroma icon1.jpgLegendary
Ultra PlasmicUltra plasmic icon1.jpgLegendary
Wayfarer's GuiseWayfarer's guise icon1.jpgLegendary
Wicked OvergrowthWicked overgrowth icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 14 Shaders

See also: Season 14 Shaders
AposematismAposematism icon1.jpgLegendary
BitterpearlBitterpearl icon1.jpgLegendary
Boreal CharBoreal char icon1.jpgLegendary
Canis CoatCanis coat icon1.jpgLegendary
ConflagrateConflagrate icon1.jpgLegendary
Continuum AlloyContinuum alloy icon1.jpgLegendary
Corrective // ProtectiveCorrective protective icon1.jpgLegendary
Grand LusterGrand luster icon1.jpgLegendary
Mantle of DutyMantle of duty icon1.jpgLegendary
Old GrowthOld growth icon1.jpgLegendary
OmnichroniaOmnichronia icon1.jpgLegendary
RitualismRitualism icon1.jpgLegendary
TechnofusionTechnofusion icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 13 Shaders

See also: Season 13 Shaders
Abyssinian GoldAbyssinian gold icon1.jpgLegendary
Anyone's GameAnyone's game icon1.jpgLegendary
ArmaturaArmatura icon1.jpgLegendary
Lichen CrownLichen crown icon1.jpgLegendary
NailbiterNailbiter icon1.jpgLegendary
Peat Bog BoogiePeat bog boogie icon1.jpgLegendary
Pyretic ClashPyretic clash icon1.jpgLegendary
Seven SistersSeven sisters icon1.jpgLegendary
TestudoTestudo icon1.jpgLegendary
Up for GrabsUp for grabs icon1.jpgLegendary
Vizier RegaliaVizier regalia icon1.jpgLegendary
War WearyWar weary icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 12 Shaders

See also: Season 12 Shaders
Amethyst BloomAmethyst bloom icon1.jpgLegendary
Bloodline FeudBloodline feud icon1.jpgLegendary
Bonemeal LoamBonemeal loam icon1.jpgLegendary
Bright WarningBright warning icon1.jpgLegendary
BrineglowBrineglow icon1.jpgLegendary
Carbon BloodCarbon blood icon1.jpgLegendary
CelestiaCelestia icon1.jpgLegendary
Charred PlumageCharred plumage icon1.jpgLegendary
CopperbrandCopperbrand icon1.jpgLegendary
CracklebrassCracklebrass icon1.jpgLegendary
Cryptic InsigniaCryptic insignia icon1.jpgLegendary
Cryptic LegacyCryptic legacy icon1.jpgLegendary
Eventide CheerEventide cheer icon1.jpgLegendary
Gilded FrostGilded frost icon1.jpgLegendary
Gilded SmokeGilded smoke icon1.jpgLegendary
GoldjayGoldjay icon1.jpgLegendary
Horizon BlushHorizon blush icon1.jpgLegendary
Laguna CruiserLaguna cruiser icon1.jpgLegendary
Lawful NeutralLawful neutral icon1.jpgLegendary
Marble EffigyMarble effigy icon1.jpgLegendary
Nectar DynamoNectar dynamo icon1.jpgLegendary
RustberryRustberry icon1.jpgLegendary
Shattered SkyShattered sky icon1.jpgLegendary
ShimmerfoilShimmerfoil icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 11 Shaders

See also: Season 11 Shaders
Alchemy ScorchAlchemy scorch icon1.jpgLegendary
BiolumeBiolume icon1.jpgLegendary
BloodmaneBloodmane icon1.jpgLegendary
ButterbarkButterbark icon1.jpgLegendary
CarminicaCarminica icon1.jpgLegendary
Dark OmolonDark omolon icon1.jpgLegendary
Envious TouchEnvious touch icon1.jpgLegendary
GloamstrifeGloamstrife icon1.jpgLegendary
Horizons BeyondHorizons beyond icon1.jpgLegendary
Iron VendettaIron vendetta icon1.jpgLegendary
JacarinaJacarina icon1.jpgLegendary
Nougat DelightNougat delight icon1.jpgLegendary
Oiled AlgaeOiled algae icon1.jpgLegendary
Ruin WreathRuin wreath icon1.jpgLegendary
Throne of SootThrone of soot icon1.jpgLegendary
Vanguard MarshalVanguard marshal icon1.jpgLegendary
Vintage TimberVintage timber icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 10 Shaders

See also: Season 10 Shaders
Coppertone PatinaCoppertone patina icon1.jpgLegendary
Crucible PeppermintCrucible peppermint icon1.jpgLegendary
Darkwater FrothDarkwater froth icon1.jpgLegendary
Golden Age WineGolden age wine icon1.jpgLegendary
Iron PreciousIron precious icon1.jpgLegendary
Midnight ExigentMidnight exigent icon1.jpgLegendary
Neopop WaveNeopop wave icon1.jpgLegendary
Raw IdocraseRaw idocrase icon1.jpgLegendary
Rivalry BlacksandRivalry blacksand icon1.jpgLegendary
Rivalry ResoluteRivalry resolute icon1.jpgLegendary
Rivalry StoicRivalry stoic icon1.jpgLegendary
Rivalry WhitesandRivalry whitesand icon1.jpgLegendary
Silver TacticalSilver tactical icon1.jpgLegendary
Valkyrie ZeroValkyrie zero icon1.jpgLegendary
Vanguard FlashfireVanguard flashfire icon1.jpgLegendary
Vibrant MedusaVibrant medusa icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 9 Shaders

See also: Season 9 Shaders
Byzantium LotusByzantium lotus icon1.jpgLegendary
Circadian ChillCircadian chill icon1.jpgLegendary
Crucible PrestigeCrucible prestige icon1.jpgLegendary
Dawning CelebrationDawning celebration icon1.jpgLegendary
Dawning EleganceDawning elegance icon1.jpgLegendary
Dawning TranquilityDawning tranquility icon1.jpgLegendary
Dawning WelcomeDawning welcome icon1.jpgLegendary
Gambit JadestoneGambit jadestone icon1.jpgLegendary
Grayscale UndergrowthGrayscale undergrowth icon1.jpgLegendary
Gunmetal MarigoldGunmetal marigold icon1.jpgLegendary
Iron FuchsiteIron fuchsite icon1.jpgLegendary
Lighthouse SunLighthouse sun icon1.jpgLegendary
Regal MedallionRegal medallion icon1.jpgLegendary
Vanguard NightbeamVanguard nightbeam icon1.jpgLegendary
Vitrified ChronologyVitrified chronology icon1.jpgLegendary
Vitrified DualityVitrified duality icon1.jpgLegendary
Welded BrassWelded brass icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 8 Shaders

See also: Season 8 Shaders
Ancient BelieverAncient believer icon1.jpgLegendary
Ancient DefenderAncient defender icon1.jpgLegendary
Basalt ToxicBasalt toxic icon1.jpgLegendary
Bruised BlushBruised blush icon1.jpgLegendary
Chitin SlateChitin slate icon1.jpgLegendary
Crucible LazuriteCrucible lazurite icon1.jpgLegendary
Crucible VermillionCrucible vermillion icon1.jpgLegendary
First FrostFirst frost icon1.jpgLegendary
Fright NightFright night icon1.jpgLegendary
Gambit CeladonGambit celadon icon1.jpgLegendary
Gambit EmeraldGambit emerald icon1.jpgLegendary
Iridescent CoralIridescent coral icon1.jpgLegendary
Iron MossboneIron mossbone icon1.jpgLegendary
Iron OxideIron oxide icon1.jpgLegendary
Jungle ViperJungle viper icon1.jpgLegendary
Lunar GloomLunar gloom icon1.jpgLegendary
Lunar Halcyon GiltLunar halcyon gilt icon1.jpgLegendary
Night's ChillNight's chill icon1.jpgLegendary
Oiled GunmetalOiled gunmetal icon1.jpgLegendary
Polished Sea StonePolished sea stone icon1.jpgLegendary
Skele-GhaulSkele-ghaul icon1.jpgLegendary
Vanguard AngelosVanguard angelos icon1.jpgLegendary
Vanguard StratosphereVanguard stratosphere icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 7 Shaders

See also: Season 7 Shaders
Amethyst VeilAmethyst veil icon1.jpgLegendary
Atmospheric GlowAtmospheric glow icon1.jpgLegendary
CindercharCinderchar icon1.jpgLegendary
Coastal SuedeCoastal suede icon1.jpgLegendary
Crucible CarmineCrucible carmine icon1.jpgLegendary
Crucible RedjackCrucible redjack icon1.jpgLegendary
First LightFirst light icon1.jpgLegendary
Gambit BlackguardGambit blackguard icon1.jpgLegendary
Gambit SteelGambit steel icon1.jpgLegendary
Golden EmpireGolden empire icon1.jpgLegendary
GoldleafGoldleaf icon1.jpgLegendary
Imperial DressImperial dress icon1.jpgLegendary
Imperial OpulenceImperial opulence icon1.jpgLegendary
Iron BoneIron bone icon1.jpgLegendary
Iron GoldIron gold icon1.jpgLegendary
Pomegranate GlossPomegranate gloss icon1.jpgLegendary
Royal WelcomeRoyal welcome icon1.jpgLegendary
Shadow GiltShadow gilt icon1.jpgLegendary
Tangerine GlossTangerine gloss icon1.jpgLegendary
Vanguard Burnished SteelVanguard burnished steel icon1.jpgLegendary
Vanguard SteelVanguard steel icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 6 Shaders

See also: Season 6 Shaders
Atlantic RushAtlantic rush icon1.jpgLegendary
Bloody ToothBloody tooth icon1.jpgLegendary
Chrome StockChrome stock icon1.jpgLegendary
Iron RubyIron ruby icon1.jpgLegendary
Prime PalettePrime palette icon1.jpgLegendary
ReefmadeReefmade icon1.jpgLegendary
Verdant ChromeVerdant chrome icon1.jpgLegendary
Verdant CrownVerdant crown icon1.jpgLegendary
VerdigrisVerdigris icon1.jpgLegendary
WarbrickWarbrick icon1.jpgLegendary

Season 5 Shaders

Always NorthAlways north icon1.jpgLegendary
Amaranth AtrocityAmaranth atrocity icon1.jpgLegendary
Aniline ShockAniline shock icon1.jpgLegendary
Bergusian NightBergusian night icon1.jpgLegendary
Chalco's FineryChalcos finery icon1.jpgLegendary
Dark FluorescenceDark fluorescence icon1.jpgLegendary
Deep-Sea JauntDeep-sea jaunt icon1.jpgLegendary
Devil in the DetailsDevil in the details icon1.jpgLegendary
Gambit DudsGambit duds icon1.jpgLegendary
House of MeyrinHouse of meyrin icon1.jpgLegendary
Häkke History PolishHäkke history polish icon1.jpgLegendary
Iron StrengthIron strength icon1.jpgLegendary
Lilac BombastLilac bombast icon1.jpgLegendary
Midnight SmithMidnight smith icon1.jpgLegendary
New Age Black ArmoryNew age black armory icon1.jpgLegendary
Rasmussen ClanRasmussen clan icon1.jpgLegendary
Refurbished Black ArmoryRefurbished black armory icon1.jpgRare
Regard of the NineRegard of the nine icon1.jpgLegendary
Resilient LaurelResilient laurel icon1.jpgLegendary
Satou TribeSatou tribe icon1.jpgLegendary
ShadowstrikeShadowstrike icon1.jpgLegendary
Shrouded StripesShrouded stripes icon1.jpgLegendary
Sunrise WarriorSunrise warrior icon1.jpgLegendary
Temperature WashTemperature wash icon1.jpgLegendary
Vanguard UnyieldingVanguard unyielding icon1.jpgLegendary
Vibrant BeachVibrant beach icon1.jpgLegendary

Forsaken Shaders

Always NorthAlways north icon1.jpgLegendary
Amaranth AtrocityAmaranth atrocity icon1.jpgLegendary
Ancient RepublicAncient republic icon1.jpgLegendary
Aniline ShockAniline shock icon1.jpgLegendary
Bergusian NightBergusian night icon1.jpgLegendary
Blazing VirtueBlazing virtue icon1.jpgLegendary
Blueshift DreamsBlueshift dreams icon1.jpgLegendary
Bold StatementBold statement icon1.jpgLegendary
Buffer OverflowBuffer overflow icon1.jpgLegendary
Burnished DreamsBurnished dreams icon1.jpgRare
Burnished OrchidBurnished orchid icon1.jpgLegendary
Calus's ShadowCaluss shadow icon1.jpgLegendary
Cargulo BristleCargulo bristle icon1.jpgLegendary
Cayde's DudsCaydes duds icon1.jpgLegendary
Celestial DomeCelestial dome icon1.jpgLegendary
Chalco's FineryChalcos finery icon1.jpgLegendary
Clouds at SeaClouds at sea icon1.jpgLegendary
Cognition of the NineCognition of the nine icon1.jpgLegendary
Copper and BloodCopper and blood icon1.jpgLegendary
Crimson PassionCrimson passion icon1.jpgLegendary
Crimson ValorCrimson valor icon1.jpgLegendary
Crucible LegacyCrucible legacy icon1.jpgRare
Crucible MetallicCrucible metallic icon1.jpgLegendary
Crucible SolemnityCrucible solemnity icon1.jpgLegendary
Crucible TriumphCrucible triumph icon1.jpgLegendary
Dark FluorescenceDark fluorescence icon1.jpgLegendary
Dead Orbit VisionDead orbit vision icon1.jpgLegendary
Deep-Sea JauntDeep-sea jaunt icon1.jpgLegendary
Devil in the DetailsDevil in the details icon1.jpgLegendary
Distant EarthDistant earth icon1.jpgRare
Dreaming CastDreaming cast icon1.jpgLegendary
Dreaming SpectrumDreaming spectrum icon1.jpgLegendary
Flavedo CoreFlavedo core icon1.jpgLegendary
Forty-Four SteelForty-four steel icon1.jpgLegendary
Gambit ChromeGambit chrome icon1.jpgLegendary
Gambit DudsGambit duds icon1.jpgLegendary
Gambit LeatherGambit leather icon1.jpgRare
Gambit SuedeGambit suede icon1.jpgLegendary
Glacial WhisperGlacial whisper icon1.jpgRare
House of MeyrinHouse of meyrin icon1.jpgLegendary
Häkke History PolishHäkke history polish icon1.jpgLegendary
Iron StrengthIron strength icon1.jpgLegendary
Lilac BombastLilac bombast icon1.jpgLegendary
Malachite GoldMalachite gold icon1.jpgLegendary
Mars SunsetMars sunset icon1.jpgLegendary
Melchizedek BrambleMelchizedek bramble icon1.jpgLegendary
Metallic SunriseMetallic sunrise icon1.jpgRare
Metallic SunsetMetallic sunset icon1.jpgRare
Metropolitan AcousticsMetropolitan acoustics icon1.jpgLegendary
Midnight SmithMidnight smith icon1.jpgLegendary
Molten BronzeMolten bronze icon1.jpgLegendary
New Age Black ArmoryNew age black armory icon1.jpgLegendary
New Monarchy AllegianceNew monarchy allegiance icon1.jpgLegendary
Petiolora GrowthPetiolora growth icon1.jpgLegendary
Praetorian VisagePraetorian visage icon1.jpgLegendary
Rasmussen ClanRasmussen clan icon1.jpgLegendary
Refurbished Black ArmoryRefurbished black armory icon1.jpgRare
Regard of the NineRegard of the nine icon1.jpgLegendary
Resilient LaurelResilient laurel icon1.jpgLegendary
Rusted IronRusted iron icon1.jpgLegendary
Safety FirstSafety first icon1.jpgLegendary
Satou TribeSatou tribe icon1.jpgLegendary
ShadowstrikeShadowstrike icon1.jpgLegendary
Shrouded StripesShrouded stripes icon1.jpgLegendary
Smashing SuccessSmashing success icon1.jpgLegendary
Sunrise WarriorSunrise warrior icon1.jpgLegendary
Tangled BronzeTangled bronze icon1.jpgLegendary
Tangled RustTangled rust icon1.jpgRare
Temperature WashTemperature wash icon1.jpgLegendary
The Mad MonkThe mad monk icon1.jpgLegendary
Vanguard DivideVanguard divide icon1.jpgLegendary
Vanguard MetallicVanguard metallic icon1.jpgLegendary
Vanguard UnityVanguard unity icon1.jpgLegendary
Vanguard UnyieldingVanguard unyielding icon1.jpgLegendary
Vanguard VeteranVanguard veteran icon1.jpgRare
Vibrant BeachVibrant beach icon1.jpgLegendary
War Cult SchemeWar cult scheme icon1.jpgLegendary

Warmind Shaders

Arctic DreamscapeArctic Dreamscape icon.jpgLegendary
Bray InnovationBray Innovation icon.jpgLegendary
Iron to Steel (Shader)Iron to Steel shader icon.jpgLegendary
Mad MonkMad Monk Icon.pngLegendary

Curse of Osiris Shaders

Benevolence of the NineBenevolence of the nine icon1.jpgLegendary
Dawning BrillianceDawning brilliance icon1.pngLegendary
Dawning FestivenessDawning festiveness icon1.pngLegendary
Dawning HopeDawning hope icon1.pngLegendary
Dawning WarmthDawning warmth icon1.pngLegendary
Dead Orbit ResurrectionDead orbit resurrection icon1.jpgLegendary
Descendant Vex ChromeDescendant vex chrome icon1.jpgLegendary
Desert of GoldDesert of gold icon1.jpgLegendary
Endless GloryEndless glory icon1.jpgLegendary
IronwoodIronwood icon1.jpgLegendary
Kairos BlackKairos black icon1.jpgLegendary
Kairos BronzeKairos bronze icon1.jpgLegendary
Kairos GoldKairos gold icon1.jpgLegendary
Mercurian SunriseMercurian Sunrise icon.jpgLegendary
Mercury PropheticMercury prophetic icon1.jpgLegendary
Mercury Vex ChromeMercury vex chrome icon1.jpgLegendary
New Monarchy SuccessionNew monarchy succession icon1.jpgLegendary
Precursor Vex ChromePrecursor vex chrome icon1.jpgLegendary
Vanguard DisciplineVanguard discipline icon1.jpgLegendary
War Cult EndgameWar cult endgame icon1.pngLegendary

Vanilla Shaders

Arctic PearlArctic pearl icon1.jpgLegendary
Atlantis WashAtlantis wash icon1.jpgRare
Avalon TealAvalon teal icon1.jpgRare
Blue GeometryBlue geometry icon1.jpgRare
BumblebeeBumblebee icon1.jpgLegendary
Calus's SelectedCaluss selected icon1.jpgLegendary
Calus's TreasuredCaluss treasured icon1.jpgLegendary
Cerulean DivideCerulean divide icon1.jpgLegendary
Crucible AspirantCrucible aspirant icon1.jpgCommon
Crucible Aspirant (Worn)Crucible aspirant (worn) icon1.jpgCommon
Crucible EntrantCrucible entrant icon1.jpgCommon
Crucible Entrant (Worn)Crucible entrant (worn) icon1.jpgCommon
Crucible GloryCrucible glory icon1.jpgRare
Dawn and DuskDawn and dusk icon1.jpgLegendary
Dead Orbit CamoDead orbit camo icon1.jpgRare
Dead Orbit's FateDead orbits fate icon1.jpgRare
Dead Zone BarkDead zone bark icon1.jpgCommon
Dead Zone Bark (Worn)Dead zone bark (worn) icon1.jpgCommon
Dead Zone FoliageDead zone foliage icon1.jpgCommon
Dead Zone Foliage (Worn)Dead zone foliage (worn) icon1.jpgCommon
Desert MatteDesert matte icon1.jpgCommon
Desert Matte (Worn)Desert matte (worn) icon1.jpgCommon
Dusk MineDusk mine icon1.jpgUncommon
EDZ Shader AEdz shader a icon1.jpgCommon
Echoes of IoEchoes of io icon1.jpgCommon
Echoes of Io (Worn)Echoes of io (worn) icon1.jpgCommon
Eden Shader AEden shader a icon1.jpgCommon
Eden Shader BEden shader b icon1.jpgCommon
Fleet Shader AFleet shader a icon1.jpgCommon
Fleet Shader BFleet shader b icon1.jpgCommon
Flowers of IoFlowers of io icon1.jpgCommon
Flowers of Io (Worn)Flowers of io (worn) icon1.jpgCommon
Frumious BlueFrumious blue icon1.jpgLegendary
Generic Shader AGeneric shader a icon1.jpgCommon
Generic Shader BGeneric shader b icon1.jpgCommon
Gift of the NineGift of the nine icon1.jpgLegendary
Golden TraceGolden trace icon1.jpgLegendary
Hakke CamoHakke camo icon1.jpgRare
Hakke HistoryHakke history icon1.jpgRare
Honors of the NineHonors of the nine icon1.jpgLegendary
Indigo MatrixIndigo matrix icon1.jpgLegendary
Iron BattalionIron battalion icon1.jpgLegendary
Iron WolfIron wolf icon1.jpgLegendary
Maroon MoonMaroon moon icon1.jpgCommon
Metro ShiftMetro shift icon1.jpgLegendary
Midnight TalonsMidnight talons icon1.jpgLegendary
MonochromaticMonochromatic icon1.jpgLegendary
Myriad Shader AMyriad shader a icon1.jpgCommon
Myriad Shader BMyriad shader b icon1.jpgCommon
Nebula RoseNebula rose icon1.jpgLegendary
Nessus MirageNessus mirage icon1.jpgUncommon
Nessus Mirage (Worn)Nessus mirage (worn) icon1.jpgCommon
Nessus PursuitNessus pursuit icon1.jpgUncommon
Nessus Pursuit (Worn)Nessus pursuit (worn) icon1.jpgCommon
New Monarchy DiamondsNew monarchy diamonds icon1.jpgRare
New Monarchy RegaliaNew monarchy regalia icon1.jpgRare
New Pacific RushNew pacific rush icon1.jpgUncommon
New Pacific Rush (Worn)New pacific rush (worn) icon1.jpgCommon
New Pacific SinkNew pacific sink icon1.jpgUncommon
New Pacific Sink (Worn)New pacific sink (worn) icon1.jpgCommon
Noble Constant RedNoble constant red icon1.jpgLegendary
Omolon CamoOmolon camo icon1.jpgRare
Omolon MeteorOmolon meteor icon1.jpgRare
Omolon Meteor GlossOmolon meteor gloss icon1.jpgLegendary
Powder BluePowder blue icon1.jpgCommon
Powder Blue (Worn)Powder blue (worn) icon1.jpgCommon
SUROS ModularSuros modular icon1.jpgRare
SUROS Modular ShineSuros modular shine icon1.jpgLegendary
SUROS ToneSuros tone icon1.jpgRare
Tarnished CopperTarnished copper icon1.jpgLegendary
Tidal HopeTidal hope icon1.jpgCommon
VEIST FieldscaleVeist fieldscale icon1.jpgRare
VEIST PoisonVeist poison icon1.jpgRare
VEIST Poison ShimmerVeist poison shimmer icon1.jpgLegendary
Vanguard MagnusVanguard magnus icon1.jpgRare
Vanguard Magnus GlossVanguard magnus gloss icon1.jpgLegendary
War Cult CamoWar cult camo icon1.jpgRare
War Cult RainWar cult rain icon1.jpgRare
WatermelonWatermelon icon1.jpgLegendary
XenosilverXenosilver icon1.jpgLegendary


  • Any planetary shader has a worn version that can only be found by picking up a rare weapon on that planet (for example, finding Armillary PSu on Titan will have it equipped with New Pacific Rush (Worn), whereas on Nessus, it may have Nessus Mirage (Worn).
  • It is not possible to get the worn versions in your inventory.
  • Worn versions of a shader are slightly duller and have chipped paint on the weapons, when compared to the fresh versions.