Arach Jalaal

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Arach Jalaal
Arach Jalaal.PNG
Name Arach Jalaal
Title Dead Orbit
Race Awoken
Gender Male
Location The Tower
Description Dead Orbit believes the fate of Earth is sealed. Arach Jalaal accepts all comers willing to fight in their name.

Arach Jalaal is an NPC and Vendor found within Destiny 2 and is the representative for the faction known as Dead Orbit. Providing that you side with Dead Orbit, you can acquire a number of faction-specific gear, weaponry, and even shaders; assuming that you have success in any upcoming Faction Rallies.


Just like the other two faction representatives in the game, Arach Jalaal can only be found in one set location and that’s after completing the game for the very first time:

  • The Tower – Located within the confines of the tower, all things Dead Orbit require you to speak with him.


Similar to the other two factions in regards to Faction Rallies, the Dead Orbit representative will provide the player with Dead Orbit Engrams whenever sufficient quantities of Dead Orbit Tokens are handed in for reputation with Dead Orbit.

Vendor Goods (Season 2)

The goods available for acquisition from Arach Jalaal fall into three categories: Winner's Offering, Faction Rewards, and Armor Ornaments.

Winner's Offering (Season 2)

Only available for purchase if Dead Orbit emerges victorious in the associated Faction Rally, Winner's Offering weapons can be purchased by all Guardians for 50,000 Glimmer (for those that did not pledge to Dead Orbit for that Faction Rally) or 1,000 Glimmer (for those that pledged to Dead Orbit for that Faction Rally).

Faction Rewards (Season 2)

Only visible to those currently pledged to Dead Orbit, this section contains armor pieces which are normally obtained from Dead Orbit Engrams. The following can be purchased if the appropriate number of Dead Orbit Engrams have been claimed on the current character:

Titan only:

Hunter only:

Warlock only:

Armor Ornaments (Season 2)

If the current character has fulfilled the conditions for any of the five Extinction Orbit Armor Ornaments which can be unlocked using their current Class (out of 15 total), additional copies can be obtained from Arach Jalaal at no cost.

Unlocked with Titan:

Unlocked with Hunter:

Unlocked with Warlock: