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"Hunters stalk the wilderness beyond the City, harnessing the Light to reclaim the secrets of our lost worlds. They are daring scouts and stealthy killers, expert with knives and precision weapons. Hunters blaze their own trails and write their own laws."
—Grimoire Card: Hunter
Solar Subclass Gunslinger
Arc Subclass Arcstrider
Void Subclass Nightstalker
Stasis Subclass Revenant

Hunter is one of the three character classes available in Destiny 2.


Hunters are the most agile of Destiny's class triad, sacrificing resilience and recovery for the ability to move quickly.

Much like its Titan and Warlock brethren, the Hunter class is divided into three subclasses at present; each specialization offers unique abilities and alters the manner in which hunters can use their jump, grenades, or dodge. Shared among all subclasses is the Dodge class ability; this technique is further divided into Gambler's Dodge and Marksman's Dodge, allowing players to either recharge melee abilities or reload weapons while skillfully evading incoming attacks.



Unlock conditions

In New Light all of the subclasses are unlocked from the beginning.

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