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Alignment Void
Unlock Gazing Into The Abyss‎

Nightstalker is the Void-based subclass of the Hunter crest2.png Hunter class.


Draw from the Void. Light the way.

The Bladedancers deride us as slow. The Gunslingers say we lack precision. “How is that better than a knife?” “How is that better than a flaming pistol?” Well.

My boots sink inches into the ground with every step. My rebreather filters the stench out of the air, but my eyes sting like I'm showering with battery acid.

“We're almost there,” my Ghost chirps. My jaw clenches. I know we're almost there, Little Light.

This vile marsh opens to reveal a black cave's maw. Inside, an infinite number of little green eyes flicker like bad stars. CRACK! I fire a single bullet into the air and the horde in the cave shrieks and runs out.

“This is it, you two.” The Warlock and Titan leap from the bog behind me. A bow appears in my hands and I let a single binding shot loose from the shadow.

Now there are Orbs of Power everywhere. Eat, my friends. Eat.



  • Shadowshot icon1.png Shadowshot — Tether foes to a Void Anchor, slowing, weakening, and suppressing them for you and your allies.


  • High jump icon1.png High Jump — While airborne, jump a second time to reach greater heights.
  • Strafe jump icon1.png Strafe Jump — While airborne, jump a second time with strong directional control.
  • Triple jump icon1.png Triple Jump — While airborne, sustain your air control with a second or third jump.


  • Vortex grenade icon1.png Vortex Grenade — A grenade that creates a vortex which continually damages enemies trapped inside.
  • Spike grenade icon1.png Spike Grenade — A grenade that attaches to any surface and emits a torrent of damaging Void Light.
  • Voidwall grenade icon1.png Voidwall Grenade — A grenade that creates a horizontal wall of burning Void Light.


  • Marksmans dodge icon1.png Marksman's Dodge — Dodge to perform an evasive maneuver with a steady hand. Dodging automatically reloads your weapon.
  • Gamblers dodge icon1.png Gambler's Dodge — Dodge to perform a deft tumble, avoiding enemy attack. Dodging near enemies fully recharges your melee ability.

Ability Trees

Hunter Subclass 1.png Way of the Trapper

  • Snare bomb icon1.png Snare Bomb — Throw a Smoke Bomb from a distance with this melee ability. The Smoke Bomb sticks to surfaces and detonates when enemies are near, slowing and disorienting them.
  • Keen scout icon1.png Keen Scout — Sprint and sneak faster, and gain an enhanced tracker. Tethered enemies are marked for easy tracking.
  • Deadfall icon1.png Deadfall — The Void Anchors fired from Shadowshot become traps and wait for prey. Void Anchors have increased range and last longer.
  • Vanishing step icon1.png Vanishing Step — Dodging makes you vanish from sight for a short time.

Hunter Subclass 2.png Way of the Wraith

  • Flawless execution icon1.png Flawless Execution — When your health is full, precision kills grant invisibility, truesight and increased melee range.
  • Shattering strike icon1.png Shattering Strike — After performing a Flawless Execution, your melee attacks weaken enemies.
  • Corrosive smoke icon1.png Corrosive Smoke — Throw a smoke bomb from a distance with this melee ability. The smoke bomb slows enemies and damages them over time.
  • Spectral blades icon1.png Spectral Blades — Summon a pair of deadly void blades and stalk the battlefield in a veil of shadows. Press [Light Attack] to perform a quick melee attack. Press [Heavy Attack] to perform a heavy attack and once again vanish from sight.
    • Replaces Shadowshot as subclass Super.

Hunter Subclass 3.png Way of the Pathfinder

  • Vanish in smoke icon1.png Vanish in Smoke — Throw a Smoke Bomb from a distance with this melee ability. The Smoke Bomb creates a smoke cloud that makes you and nearby allies invisible.
  • Lockdown icon1.png Lockdown — Grenade effects last twice as long, allowing for strong territorial control and increased damage potential.
  • Combat Provision.png Combat Provision — Damaging enemies with grenades grants melee ability energy. Making allies invisible grants grenade energy.
  • Moebius quiver icon1.png Moebius Quiver — Fire Shadowshot multiple times, in rapid succession. Shadowshot deals massive damage against tethered enemies.

Subclass-Specific Exotics

  • Orpheus rig icon1.jpg Orpheus Rig — Grants Deadfall and Moebius Quiver energy.
  • Graviton forfeit icon1.jpg Graviton Forfeit — Increases the duration of any invisibility effects. Your melee recharges faster while you are invisible.
  • Gwisin vest icon1.jpg Gwisin Vest — Each Spectral Blades kill you make before going into stealth will restore more of your Super energy.

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