Vanishing Step

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Vanishing Step
Vanishing Step Aspect.jpg
Class Hunter
Subclass Nightstalker
Tree Way of the Trapper
Type Passive (pre-Void 3.0)
Void Aspect
Element Void
Description Dodging makes you invisible.
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Vanishing Step is a Nightstalker Passive Ability. With the introduction of Void 3.0, it became a Void Aspect used by Nightstalkers.

Equipping this Aspect unlocks 2 Void Fragment slots.

  • The invisibility granted by Vanishing Step starts at the end of the dodge animation and lasts for 3.5 seconds. Invisibility ends early if the player fires a weapon or casts an ability.


The wiles of a seasoned interlocutor; dodge any unwanted affronts and slip by unseen.