Way of the Pathfinder

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The Way of the Pathfinder is the bottom ability tree for the Nightstalker crest.png Nightstalker subclass of Hunter crest2.png Hunter class.


  • Vanish in smoke icon1.png Vanish in Smoke — Throw a Smoke Bomb from a distance, making you and nearby allies invisible and providing the Heart of the Pack buff. Heart of the Pack grants weapon haste and increases mobility, recovery, and resilience.
  • Lockdown icon1.png Lockdown — Grenade effects last twice as long, allowing for strong territorial control and increased damage potential.
  • Combat Provision.png Combat Provision — Damaging enemies with grenades grants melee ability energy. Making allies invisible grants grenade energy.
  • Moebius quiver icon1.png Moebius Quiver — Fire Shadowshot multiple times in rapid succession. Shadowshot deals massive damage against tethered enemies. Defeating tethered enemies creates Orbs of Light and grants nearby allies the Heart of the Pack buff.

Removed Abilities

  • Combat Provision.png Heart of the Pack — Killing tethered enemies creates Orbs of Light, and increases mobility, resilience, and recovery for you and nearby allies. Merged with Vanish in Smoke and Moebius Quiver in Shadowkeep.

Exotic Synergy

  • Orpheus rig icon1.jpg Orpheus Rig — Grants Deadfall and Moebius Quiver energy.
  • Graviton forfeit icon1.jpg Graviton Forfeit — Increases the duration of any invisibility effects. Your melee recharges faster while you are invisible.