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Spark part 11.jpg
Type Story Mission
Number 3
Location Quarantine Sector 236, European Dead Zone
Description While Hawthorne offers shelter to those who fled the City, a vision points to a long-forgotten place.
Enemy Types Fallen
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission Adieu.
Previous Adieu
Next Combustion
Spark is a Story Mission of The Red War campaign. After finishing the previous Story Mission Adieu and arriving at The Farm, this mission becomes available to play from the Director once the player has talked to Tyra Karn (claiming a Dreamer's Class Item in the process), then visited Suraya Hawthorne.


Upon arriving just outside Quarantine Sector 236 (a region far to the northeast of the European Dead Zone patrol area), Ghost will remind you of your mortality and Hawthorne will question the wisdom of heading into the quarantine sector. Proceed on the path before you and you will soon come across a gap in the wall. Move through it and continue onward.

Keep moving, using the added speed from sprinting to clear a gap in the road, until you come across a dark cave. Proceed through the cave and drop into a pool of water, and your first Fallen enemies, Marauders, will make their presence known. Clear the area of the Fallen Marauders you will encounter and keep going.

At some point, you will cross over into the Blackened Forest, and there will be a Fallen chest near the beginning of this area. Open it, collect 25 Glimmer and equip the Auto Rifle (Pariah) that will drop. Proceed forward, using a vantage point to gaze upon the Shard of the Traveler on the way, and you will come across your first group of Dregs emerging from underground. Take them out and collect whatever they drop. Keep in mind that from this point forward, all enemies will have a chance of dropping something.

Moving on, you will come across some more Dregs and Marauders as well as an ambush by your first group of Wretches. Eliminate them all and push on until you reach The Shard of The Traveler, facing more of all three Fallen units on the way. There, you will find some Dregs - kill them to summon some more Dregs as well as your first Elite Captain, Tikkis, Diminished Scrapper. Take care while fighting this threat - the shots from its weapon, like those from the Dregs' weapons, home in on you slightly, so use cover to recover health as needed.

Once Tikkis is down, another group of Dregs and a second Elite Captain, Maksor, Starving Scavenger, will appear. Unlike Tikkis, Maksor has a rapid-fire explosive weapon without any homing capabilities, more like a typical Captain.

Get rid of the reinforcements. A cutscene will trigger after a delay, and the Restricted Zone restriction will lift as you regain your Light from the Shard, acquiring your first permanent Subclass (Sentinel/Arcstrider/Dawnblade for Titan/Hunter/Warlock).

Once the cinematic is over, you will be where you were before, but about to be surrounded by Fallen. There will be a few spots around you where you can recharge your Super, so the battle, started after stepping into the first well of Light you see, should be fairly easy. Just keep recharging and using your newly-acquired Super ability until you've cleared all enemies, mostly consisting of Dregs and Wretches, but also including an Ultra Captain, Skriviks, the Sharp-Eyed. Once all enemies are dead, the mission will complete and you will be elevated to Level 2 before being sent back to The Farm.


New Subclasses:

Titan - Sentinel

Hunter - Arcstrider

Warlock - Dawnblade

Access to multiplayer activities such as the European Dead Zone and the Crucible (once the player has talked to Hawthorne and/or Lord Shaxx after completion of this mission)

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