High Plains Blues

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High Plains Blues
Type Story Mission
Location Tangled Shore
Recommended Power 410
Description Search the Tangled Shore for Cayde's killers.
Enemy Types Scorn
Bosses Fanatic's Chosen
Previous Last Call
Next Scorned

High Plains Blues is a Story Mission introduced with the Forsaken expansion.

Mission Walkthrough

This is the second mission of the Forsaken expansion and it takes place on The Reef, more exactly at the Tangled Shore. After a lengthy cinematic, the first objective of this mission will be to investigate the surroundings and find Cayde's killer. Wander through the valley until you get a prompt from Ghost about a local terminal located in your vicinity. Hack the terminal and enter the tunnel behind it. Follow the waypoints until you reach the Four-Horn Gulch. Here, you will find another terminal that needs to be hacked. The path in front of you will be unlocked once you have hacked the terminal. Be careful as there would be a couple of Raiders awaiting for you once the door has been opened.

Advance further and defeat the Raiders along the way. After you reach outside again, investigate the mysterious battlefield. This will trigger many Stalkers to teleport in an attack you and even Abominations. Defeat them and you will get a call from Petra Venj who will request you to meet up with her. She is located inside the building that is near the battlefield.

When you have reached the building, you will be ambushed by a Corrupted Chieftain and his accomplices. Defeating them should be easy if you are using a weapon that deals area of effect damage. Now head into the building and follow the waypoints until you have reached the backups. Now jump down the entrance and clear the first area from the Scorn. Be prepared for a fight, as there would be numerous enemies to defeat in the upcoming minutes. The first three areas should be pretty easy to clear, while the fourth one will require a bit more time.

Here, you will encounter Fanatic's Chosen, a mini-boss for this mission. Try to dodge his attacks as they can be devastating. This is the best time to use your supercharged if you have saved it.

In order to complete the mission, secure the fourth area and follow the waypoints until you meet with Petra. After a short cinematic, the mission should be completed.

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