The Rider

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The Rider
Type Story Mission
Number 00000
Location Tangled Shore
Recommended Power 430
Description  ?????
Enemy Types  ?????
Bosses  ?????
Previous Scorned
Next The Trickster

The Rider is a Story Mission introduced with the Forsaken expansion.

It is part of the Forsaken - Tangled Shore Missions.

Mission Walkthrough

The fourth mission of the Forsaken Expansion starts off at Thieves' Landing. Your main objective for this mission is to kill The Rider in order to avenge Cayde's death. First, steal the Pike and when prompted, fire up the booster of the vehicle in order for Ghost to scan them. After that, you will have to shoot the weapons to calibrate them too. In order to complete the second objective, there should be some enemies nearby to shoot. After you have done that, Ghost will trace the path of the target and you can start following the waypoints towards him.

Here, you will first have to defeat three of his minions which are accompanied by many more enemies. In order to have an easy time, deal with the smaller enemies first and then focus the minions. Do not use your supercharged here if you have it ready, or your special ammo because it will be useful later on.

Kill all three minions and then follow the waypoints again into The Boil, where you will find The Rider. To defeat him, you will have to first, hop on your pike and damage him as much as you can. You will notice that once you have damaged him enough, he will flee to another area. Follow him with your Pike and defeat the enemies along the tunnel.

Once you have found the Rider again, defeat the weaker enemies and shoot him down afterward. To make sure you are dealing the most amount of damage possible, try to aim for his head. Be careful at his attack because they can inflict some serious damage if you are not careful. Many Lurkers will charge at you during the battle so be careful not to say in the same place for too long.

In order to finish this mission, defeat the Rider.

Mission Reward

  • ?????
  • ?????

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