Tangled Shore

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The Tangled Shore is the primary location for the Forsaken Campaign. It houses Spider, one of the new Forsaken vendors. It has four regions, Four-Horn Gulch, Thieves Landing, Sorik's Cut, and Jetsam of Saturn.

Public Events

The Tangled Shore has one exclusive public event, which is the Cryo-Pod. This public event revolves around killing two waves of enemies, and then the Wanted Enemy is released for its Cryo-Pod. The Wanted Enemy can be killed which will end the regular event. To activate the heroic version of the event, the boss must be damaged partly, and Cryo-Freeze will spill from the pod. On the side of the Cryo-pod will be 4 circular vents, and one of them will be releasing the Cry-Freeze. If the vent is destroyed, it will release a charge which can be picked up and thrown at the Wanted Enemy. If the Wanted Enemy is hit with 3 charges, the Heroic event will activate. The Wanted Enemy will be frozen and the player must stand in the radius from him until it reaches 100.