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Lost Sectors are a PvE Game Mode. They are small underground Sectors hidden within the larger Sectors in Patrol Zones. They appear in all Locations, but are most prevalent in the European Dead Zone on Earth. In each Lost Sector, players battle a number of enemies, including a Major (segmented orange health bar) enemy also referred to as a Champion. The Major unit drops a code used to open a Lost Sector Chest.

  • Lost Sectors are noted by a unique symbol.

Players can leave the Lost Sector after completing it, then re-enter it for another attempt at rewards. Note that Lost Sector Chest rewards can only be obtained once per Champion killed.

Interactions with Other Activities

Certain parts of World Quests lead the player into Lost Sectors in order to accomplish quest-specific objectives. Lost Sectors still function normally in these cases, so there is nothing preventing you from opening a Lost Sector Chest for a Lost Sector you entered as part of a World Quest.

Destinations with Lost Sectors usually have a Challenge relating to these hidden zones, allowing you to get Challenge rewards in addition to the usual Lost Sector Chest rewards.

The Faction Rally Live Event often adds a daily milestone which rewards the player with tokens for their faction in exchange for destroying supplies hidden within Lost Sectors. Visiting a Lost Sector while this daily milestone is active guarantees that three supply piles will be available for the player to destroy within the area.

Lost Sectors By Destination


See also: EDZ Lost Sectors
NameSectorEnemy TypeBossesNotes
Outcast Captain
Cavern of SoulsThe SludgeTakenVarghul
Fragment of Oryx (Taken Minotaur)
Excavation Site XIIFirebase HadesCabalDust-Chocked Thrag (Centurion)
Flooded ChasmThe GulchCabal, FallenPhyzann
Drowned Captain
has an entrance/exit into Cove
Hallowed GroveThe SludgeTakenVendraxis
Shadow of Oryx (Taken Captain)
Pathfinder's CrashFirebase HadesCabalZerz the Unstoppable Weight (Incendior)
Scavenger's DenOutskirtsFallenGraxus
Blind Captain
Shaft 13The SludgeFallenCalzar
Scarred Captain
Skydock IVSunken IslesCabalDevourer Darg (Centurion)
Terminus EastTrostlandFallenKalsis
Sunless Captain
The DrainOutskirtsFallenDrekthas
Metal Captain
The PitFirebase HadesCabalKurg the All-Seeing Force (Centurion)
The QuarrySunken IslesCabalFortifier Yann (Centurion)
The WeepWinding CoveFallenRannix
Downpour Captain
Whispered FallsOutskirtsFallenKeldrik
Drained Captain
2 surface entrances within Basin
Widow's WalkTrostlandFallenMazan
Lost Captain


See also: Titan Lost Sectors
NameSectorEnemy TypeBosses
Cargo Bay 3The RigHiveGolmuut (Ogre)
DS Quarters-2The RigHiveThaan'Hul (Knight)
Methane FlushSiren's WatchHiveKarugul (Wizard)


See also: Nessus Lost Sectors
NameSectorEnemy TypeBosses
Ancient's HauntThe TangleVexPakrion (Hydra)
The Carrion PitGlade of EchoesFallenNariks Reborn (Servitor)
The ConfluxThe CisternCabalPrimus Cal'Aug (Colossus)
The OrreryArtifact's EdgeVexThyrdron (Minotaur)
The RiftExodus BlackFallenTattered Dusk Captain


See also: Io Lost Sectors
NameSectorEnemy TypeBosses
Aphix ConduitThe RuptureVexRuined Mind (Hydra)
Grove of Ulan-TanLost OasisVexQeldron Keeper (Minotaur)
Sanctum of BonesThe RuptureTakenPandrok
Pillar of Nothing (Taken Knight)


See also: Mercury Lost Sectors
NameSectorEnemy TypeBosses
Pariah's RefugeThe LighthouseVexSubterranean Mind (Minotaur)


See also: Mars Lost Sectors
NameSectorEnemy TypeBosses
Core TerminusBrayTech FuturescapeHiveKeresh
Champion of Xol (Knight)
Ma'adim SubterraneGlacial DriftCabalValus Dulurc (Colossus)

Tangled Shore

See also: Tangled Shore Lost Sectors
NameSectorEnemy TypeBosses
Kingship DockThieves' LandingScornVilzii
Scorn Chieftain (Chieftain)
Shipyard AWO-43Jetsam of SaturnFallenZetix-7 (Servitor)
The Empty TankThieves' LandingFallenAzilis
Dusk Marauder (Marauder)
Trapper's CaveFour-Horn GulchCabalGarut Gra'am (Centurion)
Wolfship TurbineSorik's CutHiveSegrex
the Tainted (Ogre)

Dreaming City

See also: Dreaming City Lost Sectors
NameSectorEnemy TypeBosses
Aphelion's RestThe StrandTakenUr Haraak
Disciple of Quria (Ultra Taken Knight)
Bay of Drowned WishesDivalian MistsScornYirksii
Subversive Chieftain (Chieftain)
Chamber of StarlightRheasilviaTakenInkasi
Disciple of Quria (Taken Wizard)

The Moon

See also: Moon Lost Sectors
NameSectorEnemy TypeBosses
K1 CommunionAnchor of LightFallenNightmare of Rizaahn
the Lost (Captain)
K1 Crew QuartersHellmouthFallenNightmare of Reyiks
Actuator (Heavy Shank)
K1 LogisticsArcher's LineFallenNightmare of Kelnix Reborn (Servitor)
K1 RevelationSorrow's HarborHiveNightmare of Arguth
the Tormented (Ogre)


See also: Europa Lost Sectors
NameSectorEnemy TypeBosses
Bunker E15Eventide RuinsVexInquisitor Hydra (Hydra)
Concealed VoidAsterion AbyssFallenTeliks
House Salvation (Captain)
PerditionCadmus RidgeVexAlkestis
Sacrificial Mind (Minotaur)


See also: Cosmodrome Lost Sectors
NameSectorEnemy TypeBosses
Exodus Garden 2AThe DivideFallenDeksis-5
Taskmaster (Servitor)
Veles LabyrinthForgotten ShoreHiveAk-Baral
Rival of Navôta (Knight)