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The symbol identifying Lost Sectors.

Lost Sectors are an activity found within a destination's Patrol zone.


Lost Sectors are instanced Sectors that are overrun by enemies. As the player progresses through the Lost Sector, they will eventually encounter a boss enemy guarding a locked orange chest. Defeating the boss will give the player its cache code, allowing the chest to be opened to obtain its rewards. Lost Sectors will often have a path near the boss that loops back to the entrance. Leaving and re-entering the Lost Sector will respawn the enemies and allow more rewards to be earned.

Lost Sectors are marked on a destination's map by a unique symbol. This symbol will also appear in the environment near the entrance to the Lost Sector, hinting at its location. Hovering over a Lost Sector's icon on the map will display its name. If the Lost Sector has not been completed on the current character, the map icon will be colored white. Completing it will cause the icon to become greyed out.

Legend and Master Difficulty

There are two elective difficulty levels for Lost Sectors: Legend and Master. Each difficulty level adds Champion enemies to the Lost Sector, as well as other modifiers. Equipment is locked, preventing the player from changing their loadout during the activity. Players will only have a limited number of revives. One revive token is granted when killing a Champion or Lightbearer Hive enemy. However, players will lose all of their revives after 15 minutes. Additional modifiers may vary depending on the types of enemies encountered.

A Lost Sector must be completed at least once in the patrol area before it can be played on a higher difficulty. Only some Lost Sectors have higher difficulty versions, and only one of these will be available on each day. The current Legend/Master Lost Sector rotates daily, in a specific order that changes with each Season.

The daily Lost Sector will be marked with an icon on the destination map, as long as the player has completed the Lost Sector on normal difficulty and is at a high enough Power Level. The higher difficulty levels are accessed by interacting with a banner outside of the Lost Sector entrance. The banner also displays information regarding what Champion and shield types will appear, which modifiers will be applied, and possible rewards. If the character is not at the required Power Level, or has not completed the Lost Sector at least once, the map icon and banner will not appear.

If completed solo, Legend and Master Lost Sectors can reward Exotic armor for specific inventory slots. The armor slot that can be dropped rotates daily, in the following order: Helmets, Leg Armor, Gauntlets, and Chest Armor. This information is shown on the banner outside the Lost Sector, as well as its map icon. There are also exclusive Exotic armor items that can only be obtained from completing Legend and Master Lost Sectors solo. Completing a Lost Sector with a Platinum rating, killing all Champions that spawn before opening the boss cache, will grant the greatest possible chance to earn rewards.

Current Rotation

The following is the current Lost Sector rotation for the Season of the Wish. The daily Legend/Master Lost Sector rotates in the following order:

Past Rotations

See also: Lost Sectors/Past Rotations

Active Lost Sectors


See also: EDZ Lost Sectors
NameSectorEnemy TypeBossesNotes
Outcast Captain (Captain)
Cavern of SoulsThe SludgeTakenVarghul
Fragment of Oryx (Taken Minotaur)
Excavation Site XIIFirebase HadesCabalDust-Chocked Thrag (Centurion)
Flooded ChasmThe GulchCabal, FallenPhyzann
Drowned Captain (Captain)
has an entrance/exit into Cove
Hallowed GroveThe SludgeTakenVendraxis
Shadow of Oryx (Taken Captain)
Pathfinder's CrashFirebase HadesCabalZerz the Unstoppable Weight (Incendior)
Scavenger's DenOutskirtsFallenGraxus
Blind Captain (Captain)
Shaft 13The SludgeFallenCalzar
Scarred Captain (Captain)
Skydock IVSunken IslesCabalDevourer Darg (Colossus)
Terminus EastTrostlandFallenKalsis
Sunless Captain (Captain)
The DrainOutskirtsFallenDrekthas
Metal Captain (Captain)
The PitFirebase HadesCabalKurg the All-Seeing Force (Centurion)
The QuarrySunken IslesCabalFortifier Yann (Centurion)
The WeepWinding CoveFallenRannix
Downpour Captain (Captain)
Whispered FallsOutskirtsFallenKeldrik
Drained Captain (Captain)
2 surface entrances within Basin
Widow's WalkTrostlandFallenMazan
Lost Captain (Captain)


See also: Nessus Lost Sectors
NameSectorEnemy TypeBosses
Ancient's HauntThe TangleVexPakrion (Hydra)
The Carrion PitGlade of EchoesFallenNariks Reborn (Servitor)
The ConfluxThe CisternCabalPrimus Cal'Aug (Colossus)
The OrreryArtifact's EdgeVexThyrdron (Minotaur)
The RiftExodus BlackFallenTattered Dusk Captain

Dreaming City

See also: Dreaming City Lost Sectors
NameSectorEnemy TypeBosses
Aphelion's RestThe StrandTakenUr Haraak
Disciple of Quria (Taken Knight)
Bay of Drowned WishesDivalian MistsScornYirksii
Subversive Chieftain (Chieftain)
Chamber of StarlightRheasilviaTakenInkasi
Disciple of Quria (Taken Wizard)

The Moon

See also: Moon Lost Sectors
NameSectorEnemy TypeBosses
K1 CommunionAnchor of LightFallenNightmare of Rizaahn
the Lost (Captain)
K1 Crew QuartersHellmouthFallenNightmare of Reyiks
Actuator (Heavy Shank)
K1 LogisticsArcher's LineFallenNightmare of Kelnix Reborn (Servitor)
K1 RevelationSorrow's HarborHiveNightmare of Arguth
the Tormented (Ogre)


See also: Europa Lost Sectors
NameSectorEnemy TypeBosses
Bunker E15Eventide RuinsVexInquisitor Hydra (Hydra)
Concealed VoidAsterion AbyssFallenTeliks
House Salvation (Captain)
PerditionCadmus RidgeVexAlkestis
Sacrificial Mind (Minotaur)


See also: Cosmodrome Lost Sectors
NameSectorEnemy TypeBosses
Exodus Garden 2AThe DivideFallenDeksis-5
Taskmaster (Servitor)
Veles LabyrinthForgotten ShoreHiveAk-Baral
Rival of Navôta (Knight)

Savathûn's Throne World

See also: Throne World Lost Sectors
NameSectorEnemy TypeBosses
ExtractionQuagmireScorn, HiveHathrek
the Glasweard (Lightbearer Wizard)
MetamorphosisMiasmaScorn, HiveDread Tatsrekaa (Chieftain)
SepulcherFlorescent CanalHiveBar-Zel
Tutelary of Savathûn (Knight)


See also: Neomuna Lost Sectors
NameSectorEnemy TypeBosses
Gilded PreceptAhimsa ParkCabalValus Tharum
Gladiatorial Overseer (Colossus)
Hydroponics DeltaZephyr ConcourseCabalValus Dravusk
Shadow Legion (Centurion)
ThrilladromeLímíng HarborVexAgon
Strategic Hydra (Hydra)

Vaulted Lost Sectors





Exclusive Exotic Armor Items

These Exotic armor items can only be obtained as random drops from solo Legend and Master Lost Sector completions, or from the Vex Strike Force Public Event in Neomuna. In order for an armor item to drop, players must own the annual expansion tied to that item's Season of release.[1]

Exotic armor will only drop for the player character's current class. The type of armor that will drop is determined by the daily armor slot rotation. Lost Sectors use a knockout system, prioritizing items that the player does not have unlocked in Collections.[2] Once obtained and added to Collections, they will be added to the Exotic engram icon1.png Exotic Engram loot pool and can be obtained as drops from other activities and sources.

Titan Armor



Chest Armor

Leg Armor

Hunter Armor



Chest Armor

Leg Armor

Warlock Armor



Chest Armor

Leg Armor

Patch History

  • 7.1.0[3]
    • Added an icon to the Director to indicate what planet the active Legend/Master Lost Sector is.
    • Increased drop rate for Exotic armor in Legend and Master Lost Sectors when playing solo.
  • 4.1.0[6]
    • The Legend and Master Lost Sector rotation has been updated.
  • 4.0.1[7]
    • Fixed an issue where Rare (blue) engrams were dropping from PED Lost Sector chests
    • Fixed an issue where Legend and Master Lost Sector activities were missing from Bungie.net Game History APIs.
    • Legend and Master Lost Sectors are now the same Lost Sector each day.
    • When launching Legend and Master Lost Sectors, you now see the normal Director launch screen when you interact with the totem, and you can switch difficulties from that screen.
    • Master and Legend difficulty now display the information about which shields are present when you pull out your Ghost, with the rest of the activity modifiers.
    • Most Lost Sectors now have more intense music when playing on Legend or Master difficulty.
  • 3.4.0[10]
    • Improvements:
      • Adjusted the music in Legend and Master Lost Sectors to scale as lives and time begin to run out.
      • The "Darkness Zone" tendrils and sound will now play when players run out of revives in Legend and Master Lost Sectors, and in Grandmaster Nightfalls.
      • Players will now see a "No Revives Remaining" warning when out of revives in Legend and Master Lost Sectors, or in Grandmaster Nightfalls.
      • Players will no longer see "Revives: +0" when defeating Champions after the time limits have passed in Legend and Master Lost Sectors, or in Grandmaster Nightfalls.
    • Fixes:
      • Fixed an issue where the post-game completion screen for Legend and Master Lost Sectors didn’t show any stats.
    • Master and Legend Lost Sectors
      • Burns, shields, and Champions listed on the tooltip for Luna Lost Sectors should once again reflect what players find in-game.
  • 3.3.0[12]
    • The announcement that time is running out in Nightfalls and Legend/Master Lost Sectors are now color-coded, depending on the player's colorblind settings.
    • All three Dreaming City Lost Sectors are now available on Legend and Master difficulty.
    • Availability
      • Season 15 has a rotation of 11 Lost Sectors available on Legend and Master difficulty.
      • Lost Sectors will be on a seasonal rotation moving forward.
    • Tooltip
      • Legend and Master Lost Sector descriptions now list the Shield elements that will be encountered.
      • Legend and Master Lost Sector descriptions have been reformatted for ease of reading.
      • Legend and Master Lost Sectors no longer have "Destination" modifiers.
      • The following modifiers have all been removed:
        • Memory of a Golden Age
        • Memory of a Bygone Past
        • Memory of a Haunted Dream
        • Memory of a Lonely Outpost
        • Memory of a Frozen Conundrum
      • "Forlorn Miasma" renamed to "Void Burn."
      • "Isolated Flames" renamed to "Solar Burn."
      • "Desolate Charge" renamed to "Arc Burn."
  • 3.2.0[13]
    • Four Lost Sectors have been added to the daily rotation of Legend or Master difficulty Lost Sectors!
  • 3.1.0[14]
    • Fixed an issue where some Lost Sector combatants' Power Levels were too low, sometimes lower than the same combatants in the public free roam areas.
  • 3.0.2[15]
    • Fixed an issue where the Champions Reward banner (Platinum, Gold, etc.) for Legend and Master Lost Sectors until was only showing up once a player returned to orbit.
  • 3.0.1[2]
    • Master and Legend Lost Sector tooltips are easier to comprehend.
    • Exotic armor awarded in solo PED Lost Sectors now drops on a knockout list.
  • 2.2.1[16]
    • Lost Sector Gambit Prime bounty now progresses from all Lost Sectors
  • 2.0.2[17]
    • Fixed an issue where Lost Sector bounties were not progressing properly when in a fireteam
  • 2.0.0[18]
    • Increased the difficulty of Lost Sectors
      • Example: EDZ Lost Sectors are now 240 Power
    • Removed Lost Sector throttles
    • Players may now only open a Lost Sector Chest once per boss defeated
  • 1.1.2[20]
    • Revised the Lost Sector reward throttle from 10 minutes to 5 minutes
    • Players can no longer loot Lost Sector chests multiple times in quick succession for Faction Rally tokens (Updated 1/16/18: This applies to all Lost Sector chests)
  • 1.0.6[22]
    • Faction Rallies
      • Opening Lost Sector chests now rewards 3 Faction Tokens for each fireteam member


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