Trapper's Cave

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Trapper's Cave
Location Tangled Shore
Sector Four-Horn Gulch
Enemy Type Cabal
Bosses Garut Gra'am (Centurion)

Trapper's Cave is a Lost Sector in Four-Horn Gulch.


Fast travel to the Thieves' Landing and summon a sparrow. Follow the path on the right and go across the small bridge. Go to the first building on the left and take the elevator up. Follow the cave complex and you will reach the Four-Horn Gulch. Take the first left you will see the lost sector sign that marks Trapper's Cave. Head inside and soon you will be attacked by War Beasts and Psions. Clear them out and drop down where Legionaries will await, along with a couple of Phalanxs. Just keep following the path and you will come to the small arena filled with ads and Garut Gra'am. Your safest bet is to take him out from a distance by using a sniper rifle. After he is dead, clean out the area and go to the chest that's located at the top of the waterfall.

Additional Information


The entrance to the Trapper's Cave Lost Sector in Four-Horn Gulch.
The final room in Trapper's Cave.
Garut Gra'am. The boss of Trapper's Cave.