Bay of Drowned Wishes

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Bay of Drowned Wishes
Location Dreaming City
Sector Divalian Mists
Enemy Type Scorn
Bosses Yirksii, Subversive Chieftain (Chieftain)

Bay of Drowned Wishes is a Lost Sector in Divalian Mists.


As you land in Divalian Mists, turn around and you will notice a sign that marks the lost sector. Jump across the chasm and head through the cave till you reach the beach area. Ignore Abominations by just hugging the right wall and make sure to stay away from the mines. You will come to the barrier that will drop once you clear all the Lurkers and Screebs. Go in the cave and you will see Yirksii, Subversive Chieftain right below. Rather than dropping down, use a rifle such as Sleeper Simulant to quickly eliminate him before Ravagers and other ads swarm you. After you open the chest head to the left for a quick shortcut to the Divalian Mists.

Additional Information


The entrance to the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector in Divalian Mists.
The final room in the Bay of Drowned Wishes.
Yirksii, Subversive Chieftain. The boss of the Bay of Drowned Wishes.