Kingship Dock

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Kingship Dock
Location Tangled Shore
Sector Thieves' Landing
Enemy Type Scorn
Bosses Vilzii, Scorn Chieftain (Chieftain)

Kingship Dock is a Lost Sector in Thieves' Landing.


After fast traveling to the Thieves Landing, summon a sparrow and go forward. Take left and you will notice a lost sector sign on the first building on the right. Go inside, take the elevator up, and head through the cave on the left and you will reach a Kingship Dock. Eliminate nearby Stalkers and Wraith coming down the stairs. Climb up and kill a few Lurkers and Raider. Vilzii, Scorn Chieftain will spawn on the platform at the end of the arena where the chest is located. He will summon a bunch of ads, so keep your distance, focus on blasting him with heavy artillery and he will soon be defeated.

Additional Information


The entrance to the Kingship Dock Lost Sector in Thieves' Landing.
The final room in Kingship Dock.
Viizii, Scorn Chieftain. The boss of Kingship Dock.