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Champion is a type of enemy with special properties. They can be identified by a dark brown growth on them. Each enemy race has two champion types. Champions do not count as bosses for bounties.


Barrier icon.png Barrier Champions

These Champions cover themself with a shield when they are at low health. They regenerate health while shielded, attacks ricochet off their barrier, and entering it disorients the player. Finishers do not work on shielded Champions.

Barriers can be destroyed with any weapon or ability with Barrier icon.pngshield-piercing capability. In most cases, players have to use specific Seasonal Mods to be able to break shields, but Eriana's vow icon1.jpg Eriana's Vow and The lament icon1.jpg The Lament have intrinsic shield-piercing traits. Shield-piercing mods and traits also allow players to deal more damage to Titan barricades and shoot through shields of Phalanxes, Taken Phalanxes, Taken Vandals, Knights, Hydras and Hobgoblins.

Overload icon.png Overload Champions

Overload Champions constantly regenerate health and can use their abilities (such as Fallen Captain teleport or Taken Hobgoblin Retaliation Swarm) more frequently than ordinary enemies.

They can be Overload icon.png disrupted with any weapon or ability affected by Overload Seasonal Mods. Divinity icon1.jpg Divinity has an intrinsic disruption trait. Disrupted Champions do not attack or regenerate for several seconds. Disruption also lowers combatant damage output, prevents them from using certain abilities and delays regeneration of enemy player abilities.

Unstoppable icon.png Unstoppable Champions

Unstoppable Champions have more health than usual enemies of that type, they continuously chase and attack players and cannot be stunned or staggered without using Unstoppable icon.pngUnstoppable Seasonal Mods. Leviathan's breath icon1.jpg Leviathan's Breath, Devil's ruin icon1.jpg Devil's Ruin and Bastion icon1.jpg Bastion have staggering traits.



Champions are encountered in: