Nightmare Containment

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Nightmare Containment
Nightmare Containment.jpg
Location Derelict Leviathan
Expansion Season of the Haunted icon.pngSeason of the Haunted
Description Draw out and defeat powerful Nightmares to imprison them with the Nightmare Harvester.

Nightmare Containment is a Public Event on the Derelict Leviathan.


The Derelict Leviathan can be found on the Moon, in the Destinations map in the Director. The Nightmare Containment public event takes place in the Castellum, which is the landing zone for the Leviathan.

When traveling to the Leviathan, players can choose two options: "Containment" is recommended for players who want to participate in the public event, while "Castellum" is suggested for players who wish to explore. The public event can still be initiated if "Castellum" is chosen, but the other option may be more useful for finding players to help with the public event.


This public event tasks players with fighting waves of Scorn and Cabal enemies, including Nightmare versions of both. The public event begins when a player places their Nightmare Harvester at the marked location. A public event rally banner will be next to it. Starting the event costs no resources.

There are four icons that indicate players' progress in the current Tier of the event. In the first phase, players must defeat combatants to bind Shards of Dread. Defeating a minor enemy binds 1 Shard. Progress is shown using the first icon. The enemies that spawn during this phase will be Scorn. Running out of time will end the event early.

Several Dread Bearer enemies will spawn. These Nightmare enemies are very tanky, so it can help to pick up the Unstable Essence dropped by weaker Nightmares nearby to increase the damage dealt to them. Dread Bearers drop Cores of Dread, which can be picked up and carried. Depositing a Core of Dread into the Nightmare Harvester binds 10 Shards of Dread and spawns a Scythe relic. However, it will usually also spawn a Dread Devourer Champion (an Overload icon.png Overload Chieftain) near the Harvester. It is relatively weak, and can easily be defeated with the Scythe or help from other players. Bringing Anti-Overload mods and weapons can be helpful. If the Dread Devourer is not killed quickly, it will devour some of the shards that have been bound.

After the first phase of the current Tier, Calus will interrupt the ritual, summoning Cabal enemies and causing the Harvester to become overgrown with Egregore. Players must kill four Egregore Atavists to continue the event. There will be 2 Atavists on Tier I, and 4 Atavists on Tier II. Each Atavist is hidden by its respective Atavist Illusion Psion. Killing an Illusion will spawn its Atavist in the area nearby. It is a Psion floating in a small psychic bubble shield, which must be entered in order to kill it.

The third phase is the same as the first, with more Scorn enemies and Dread Bearers spawning. In the final phase, a Nightmare boss will appear. When the boss loses a certain amount of health, it will become immune to damage. Players must destroy Resonant Splinters (floating Pyramid Spikes) that appear nearby in order to make the boss vulnerable again. There will be 2 Splinters on Tier I, and 4 Splinters on Tier II.

When the boss is defeated, the Tier is successfully completed. A Heavy icon.png Heavy ammo refill chest will appear. Players have about a minute to place the Harvester in the next containment location to start the next Tier of the event.

Tier III is somewhat different, consisting solely of a boss fight. The mechanics vary depending on the boss, but usually involve the boss becoming immune to damage when about 1/3 of their health is lost. Certain enemies or objects must be destroyed to make them vulnerable again.

When the boss is defeated, a chest will spawn. Players can also spend 500 Vestige of Dread icon.jpg Vestiges of Dread at the Harvester, binding them, to earn greater seasonal rewards.


The Tier I boss is Valus Thu'ur, Vessel of Nightmares, a Colossus. The Tier II boss is Primus Or'sek, Vessel of Nightmares, a Centurion.

There are three Tier III bosses that rotate daily, in order. Each has slightly different mechanics.

  • Nightmare of Elykris, the Machinist: This boss is accompanied by Scorn enemies. When she becomes immune, 2 Emissary of Elykris Abominations will spawn, with immune shields of their own. 6 Resonant Splinters must be destroyed before the Emissaries can be damaged. Killing them will make Elykris vulnerable again. This repeats once before the boss is killed.
  • Nightmare of Anaphex, Sworn to Otzot (Psion): This boss is accompanied by Cabal enemies. When it becomes immune, several Atavist Illusions spawn. They must be defeated to reveal the Egregore Atavists. Defeating the Atavists will make Anaphex vulnerable again. This repeats once before the boss is killed.
  • Nightmare of Navôta, Eir Spawn (Wizard): This boss is accompanied by Scorn enemies. When she becomes immune, two Dread Bearer enemies will spawn. Killing one drops a Core of Dread, which must be deposited at the Harvester. Depositing both Cores will make Navôta vulnerable again. This repeats once before she can be killed.

The Tritainment Triumph requires the player to defeat each Tier III boss at least once.




Binding can be done once per public event completion, and costs 500 Vestige of Dread icon.jpg Vestiges of Dread.


The following Haunted weapons can be rewarded from binding Vestiges of Dread. They can drop with Deepsight Resonance, and can be Shaped.

Firefright icon1.jpg Kinetic Firefright
Primary ammo Auto Rifle
Tears of contrition icon1.jpg Kinetic Tears of Contrition
Primary ammo Scout Rifle
Hollow denial icon1.jpg Void Hollow Denial
Special ammo Trace Rifle

Nezarec's whisper icon1.jpg Arc Nezarec's Whisper
Special ammo Glaive
Without remorse icon1.jpg Solar Without Remorse
Special ammo Shotgun
Bump in the night icon1.jpg Stasis Bump in the Night
Heavy ammo Rocket Launcher


The following Haunted armor items can be rewarded from binding Vestiges of Dread.


The following Crown of Sorrow upgrades can affect the rewards obtained from Nightmare Containment:

Locked Rooms

There are several locked rooms around the Castellum, each with a lever outside their doors. After a Tier III event is completed, a text message will indicate that "two lockdown protocols in the Castellum have temporarily lifted." A randomly chosen pair of rooms will be unlocked during this time. A destination chest spawns in each of these rooms, which rewards Glimmer1.pngGlimmer, gear, and possibly an Opulent Key icon.jpg Opulent Key. The rooms will close when the lockdown timer ends and the next public event becomes available to start. It can help to equip a Tracking Ghost Mod that detects caches, in order to more easily find which rooms can be opened.

There are five locked rooms. Clockwise from the area where the Tier III boss spawns, they are:

  • In the first hallway on the left at the Tier III area when facing the large door.
  • In the second hallway on the right at the Tier III area when facing the large door.
  • On a balcony above and to the left of the Pleasure Gardens entrance (the building in the center of the Castellum).
  • On the opposite side of the Castellum from the Tier III area, in a side room next to the stairs leading down to the lower area where the Harvester can sometimes be placed.
  • On the left when leaving the landing zone room, which is directly across from the Tier III area. This room also contains a Calus Bobblehead.


  • As of the week of August 9, 2022, the Tier III bosses now appear to rotate daily, rather than weekly as they did earlier in the season.