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World Loot Pool is a term that refers to the pool of Legendary loot that is not tied to specific activities or destinations. "World" Loot refers to the overall game world, indicating its status as a more general loot pool. Some items that were exclusive to specific activities in previous seasons may be added to the world loot pool in later seasons if those activities were removed, but this is not guaranteed.

Loot Sources

Weapons and armor in the world loot pool can be obtained from the following sources:

  • Legendary engram icon1.png Legendary Engram random drops.
  • Decrypting Prime Engram icon.png Prime Engrams and unfocused Umbral Engram icon.png Umbral Engrams at Master Rahool.
  • Worldly weapons icon1.png Worldly Weapons and Worldly armor icon1.png Worldly Armor Focused Umbral Engrams
  • Banshee-44's weekly Legendary weapon stock, as well as the engrams earned from ranking up with him, often includes world loot weapons from current and past seasons.
  • Ada-1's weekly Legendary armor stock often includes world loot armor sets from current and past seasons.
  • Xûr's weekly Legendary weapon and armor stock may include world loot weapons and armor sets from past seasons.

Current Loot Pool

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Kinetic Weapons

Energy Weapons

Power Weapons