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World Loot Pool is a term that refers to the pool of weapons and armor that is not tied to specific activities or destinations. "World" refers to the overall game world, indicating its status as a more general loot pool.

Loot Sources

Rare weapons and armor from the world loot pool will drop until the player's character reaches the soft Power Level cap.[1]

Legendary world weapons and armor can randomly drop from completing activities throughout the game, when obtaining Legendary engram icon1.png Legendary Engrams as random drops from enemies, or when decrypting Prime Engram icon.png Prime Engrams at Master Rahool.

Ada-1 will sell one Legendary world armor set for each class, rotating weekly.

Exotic engram icon1.png Exotic Engrams will drop Exotic weapons and armor from the world pool, prioritizing items that the player does not have unlocked in Collections. Exotic weapons will only drop once, while duplicate Exotic armor will drop with different stat rolls when all other armor items in the pool have been acquired. Some items require the Forsaken Pack or the Shadowkeep expansion in order to be able to drop. Exotic armor items that can only be obtained from other sources, such as solo Legend/Master difficulty Lost Sectors, or campaign rewards, will be added to this pool once unlocked in Collections.

Xûr sells most of the weapons and armor in the default Exotic Engram world pool. Each week, he will offer one Exotic weapon, as well as one Exotic armor item per class, to all players. His weekly Legendary weapon and armor stock, as well as the Dares of Eternity rotating loot pool, may include world loot weapons and armor sets from past seasons.

Banshee-44's Gunsmith Engram icon.png Gunsmith Engram loot pool contains Legendary foundry weapons released from Season 16 to Season 19 that have been removed from the world pool. He may sell world loot weapons from before Season 16 in his daily "Featured" selection.

Legendary Weapons

As of the Season of the Wish (Season 23), the current world loot pool contains Legendary foundry weapons released from Season 20 until now. These weapons can drop from the Legendary weapon loot sources listed above.

The weapons listed below (excluding those from the current season) can also drop from Lost Sectors on Legend and Master difficulty when completed solo with a Platinum rating (all Champions killed). Legend difficulty has a 70% drop chance, while Master difficulty has a 100% drop chance. A limited selection of weapons are available daily, rotating at reset. Weapons dropped on Master difficulty will be guaranteed to have an additional perk in either the third or fourth column.[2]

World pool foundry weapons from Season 16 to Season 19 have been removed from the world pool and added to Banshee-44's Gunsmith Engram icon.png Gunsmith Engram pool. With each season, newer world pool weapons will be moved to Banshee's loot pool and made available for Focused Decoding. The Season 20 weapons listed below will be moved to the Gunsmith Engram in Season 24.[3]

Kinetic Weapons

Energy Weapons

Power Weapons


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