Dares of Eternity

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Dares of Eternity
Dares of Eternity.jpg
Location Eternity
Players 6
Power 1350 (Normal)
1570 (Legend)
Requirement Trials of Eternity
Expansion Season of the Lost icon.pngSeason of the Lost
Enemies Taken, Vex, Fallen, Hive, Cabal
Boss Crota, Son of Oryx, Dares Champion
Valus Ta'aurc, Dares Champion
Zydron, Gate Lord, Dares Champion
Description Become a contestant in the Dares of Eternity and compete in challenges from across the paraverse.

Dares of Eternity is a six-player Offensive added as part of the Bungie 30th Anniversary Event. Similar to other seasonal activities, players will move through various encounters as dictated by the Wheel of Adversity leading to a boss fight. Players are able to obtain various rewards and weapons based on Bungie's history of games.


Players take a portal to the Eternal Valley to clear out Taken. Once the Valley is cleared out, the Wheel of Adversity spawns, allowing players to spin the wheel in a gameshow-like selection to determine which enemy faction the fireteam will face in the coming rounds and determine the objectives.


The first encounter has two phases. In the first half of the encounter, the fireteam will destroy oncoming waves of enemies. Barrier icon.pngBarrier, Overload icon.pngOverload and Unstoppable icon.pngUnstoppable Champions spawn here, so players should bring Mods to handle these enemies. In the second phase, the objective will change based on what faction players selected. Regardless of who is being faced, the objectives generally all work the same: defeat marked enemies and pick up what they drop to take out an enemies shield.

For the Taken, players will need to defeat the marked enemies and use the Paracasual Energy to defeat the Taken Blight.

The Vex requires players to defeat Gatekeepers by breaking their shields with the Void Craniums picked up from killing Headbearers.

When fighting against the Hive, players will need to destroy the crystals around the arena. Defeat the enemies to gain the Ruinous Resonance buff and break the crystals.

The Cabal requires players to defeat Commanders by breaking their shields. To do this, players need to defeat the Bombtenders and use the Dare Cores that spawn on their shields.

For the Fallen, the fireteam must capture points around the map to diffuse bombs. If players manage to capture all the points and diffuse all the bombs, they will be rewarded with extra treasure chests.

Once the encounter has been cleared, the fireteam will move through a set of obstacles, one of which requires players to use a launcher to make it through a rotating symbol. If players miss the jump they can also run through a cave with more difficult obstacles to move through, or run back to the launcher and try again. Upon entering The Vault, players will spin the Wheel again.

The second encounter works much like the same, eliminate the enemies that spawn, then, based on what the Wheel of Adversity landed on, players will defeat marked enemies, pick up the object they drop and break the shield of the invincible enemy. Defeating this enemy will end the second encounter.

After The encounters, Xur gets players to guess who the final boss will be by standing next to the door they believe is correct. If players guess correctly, they receive the buff Starhorse's Favor, giving them a temporary boost to their ability recovery, as well as a crown. If they guess incorrectly, they are debuffed with Starhorse's Penalty, slowing down their ability recovery time. Once the door opens, the fireteam can move through a small obstacle course to the final encounter.

Depending on what door opens, players will face one of three bosses. Going through the Hive door pits the team against two Crota clones that can only be damaged by the Hive cleavers that drop from the elites that spawn around the room.

Going through the Cabal door pits players against a Cabal Champion, Valus Ta'aurc. From time to time players will have to defeat the twelve ads called Siegebringers to remove the boss's invincibility. Players will also need to destroy the boss's shield by taking out the Thresher and using its core on the generator.

Going through the Vex door will take players to a boss fight with Zydron. Zydron will become invulnerable to damage until players defeat the two Keybearers that will spawn in. The boss will also periodically activate Detainment Protocols, causing the walls to move and damage players who they touch, as well as trap players in containment fields. Players simply need to attack the walls to break them.

Once the boss is defeated, players will have completed the challenge and a chest will spawn.

Lightning Round:

Occasionally, Xur will start a lightning round after the boss is defeated. It will launch a random encounter that functions the same way as the second phase from the encounters prior to this. Completing this within the time limit will reward players with three more treasure chests.

Players will earn pieces of gear,as well as Strange Favor, Strange Coins and a Treasure Key. The treasure Key unlocks the chest next to Xur to give players weapons and armor from the 30th Anniversary event, and Strange Favor unlocks other various rewards from Xur. Strange Coins can be traded to Starhorse for various buffs and rewards for use in the Dares of Eternity.

Patch History

    • Fixed an issue causing less Reputation to be rewarded in Dares of Eternity than intended.


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