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The icon identifying Overload Champions.

Overload Champions are a type of Champion enemy.


Visually, Overload Champions appear with a pair of tendril-like growths that wrap around their torsos. Overload Champions constantly regenerate health, making it incredibly difficult to kill them normally without dealing a high amount of burst damage to them. They will also use their abilities more often, such as the Fallen Captain's teleport and the Taken Hobgoblin's Retaliation Swarm.

Anti-Overload Champion effects are referred to as Disruption. Mods and other effects that grant Disruption allow the Champion to be stunned for several seconds. Repeatedly damaging an Overload Champion with Disruption effects will prevent its health from regenerating. However, once stunned, the Champion will be immune to being stunned again for a brief period of time.


Disruption Effects

These effects can disrupt Overload icon.png Overload Champions, stunning them and temporarily halting their health regeneration.

Artifact Perks

Main page: Seasonal Artifact

The Seasonal Artifact contains Artifact Perks that can be used to stun Overload Champions. These perks must be unlocked on the Artifact before they can be used, and will automatically take effect after unlocking them. These perks' effects usually require the player to use specific types of weapons or abilities in order to stun Champions. The anti-Overload perks that are currently available will differ depending on the Season.

The following anti-Overload Artifact Perks are available during the Season of the Wish, and can be unlocked on the x20px Queensfoil Censer Seasonal Artifact:

Elemental Keywords

These elemental effects can stun Overload Champions and stop their health regeneration:

These keywords can temporarily stun Overload Champions, but will not stop their health regeneration.

Exotic Weapons

Exotic Armor



Overload Champions are usually aggressive, and can be very dangerous. Their movement abilities allow them to quickly take cover behind obstacles, allowing their health to regenerate.

After an Overload Champion is stunned, it is recommended to immediately use Power Weapons or high-damage Super abilities to deal as much damage to it as possible. When it starts moving again, continue damaging it with Disruption effects to keep it from regaining health.

The Major Spec icon.jpg Major Spec weapon mod and Vorpal weapon icon1.png Vorpal Weapon perk provide a damage bonus against all Champions.