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Solar Subclass Dawnblade
Arc Subclass Stormcaller
Void Subclass Voidwalker



“Be what you are: the last resort, the final argument, the undeniable conclusion.”

After decades of study, a group of warlocks discovered what they believed would be the key to re-awakening The Traveler. A subtle signal, nigh undetectable, was picked up by instruments that monitored the protective shield surrounding The City. Funding was granted and an installation was built to collect ambient Light; if the waveform could be amplified and directed back at the Traveler it would finally awaken from its century-long slumber. Some believed so strongly that the 2nd golden age of human civilization was at hand that they called the installation “The Final Solution.”

When the installation finally came online the waveform amplifiers transmitted their signal and The Traveler responded with complete and utter silence. The installation had failed. The warlocks, frustrated by decades of wasted effort, abandoned their experiments. No longer would they engage in esoteric philosophical debates. No longer would they catalog their results. They honed their martial abilities, created the Ultima Ratio armor, and became that which they had sought from the beginning, what the traveler had always intended: The Final Solution - weapons focused on the destruction of humankind's enemies.


“Do not burn so bright that your own light cannot be sustained.”

This armor was worn by members of a warlock collective dedicated to the protection of refugees as they made their way to the safe haven beneath The Traveler.

In the aftermath of the war against the darkness, on the night of the winter solstice, a thousand refugees seeking sanctuary approached the gates of the last safe city on Earth. When the gates opened a legion of hive attacked. In the ensuing battle, the forces of the city became overwhelmed, and in a reckless fit of rage, the warlock collective turned the tide of battle. Burning every enemy in sight, channeling enormous amounts of power, their armor began to glow. The Warlocks, ablaze with the light of a small star, turned night to day for miles around. But all that power came at a price. Of more than five hundred warlocks engaged in a battle that night less than forty survived.

To the people they protected and the Guardians that fought by their side, these warlocks became known as The Midnight Sun, the light that burnt back the darkness.


“Light of the mind, light of The Traveler. Do not doubt you have been chosen for His purpose.”

Fanatical in their devotion to The Traveler, a sub-culture of warlocks known as “The Devoted” believe that only after all doubts have been cleansed from their mind will they be able to begin, in earnest, their search for the knowledge that will re-awaken the one revered as their god.

This ceremonial armor is given to warlocks who have completed the Gidan Purge, a ritual purification that tests a warlocks knowledge of and devotion to The Traveler. The armor is said to be a conduit that promotes and strengthens the Guardian-Traveler Bond. Those who have used it in battle report heightened situational awareness, enhanced reflexes, and greater stamina. These claims are controversial and have been criticized by the Cryptarch who has, to date, not been able to identify any special properties in the armor that would increase a guardians abilities in battle.

- Warlock Collective Leader Slash Unstuck


Dawnblade Voidwalker Stormcaller

How to Unlock Warlock Subclasses

Dawnblade is the default subclass.

Voidwalker is unlocked at level 8.

Stormcaller is unlocked at level 15.

For the latter subclasses, players need to reach the required level and obtain a Class Relic from any chest. Fill up the Relic bar by doing public events or killing enemies and then complete a solo mission at the Shard of the Traveler in EDZ on Earth.


  • From the beginning of Adieu to near the end of Spark (both are Story Missions in the Red War campaign), the Warlock is the only class which has its class melee attack altered due to losing their Light. Instead of using the Force Palm (the normal Warlock class melee attack), Warlocks instead use the Titan punch for this duration.