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Alignment Void
Unlock Always available

Voidwalker is the Void-based subclass of the Warlock crest2.png Warlock class. Able to use the life force of their victims to fuel explosive power, the Voidwalker is outfitted with an array of abilities that allow players to sow widespread destruction.


Those who have stared into the Void are not bound by the laws of space and time.

The streets were chaos. We fell under Cabal bullets and blades; red was the color of the day. Everywhere, red. Darkness found me three times that day and each time Ghost woke me, I woke to ever more red. I looked to the sky, but even there I saw nothing but the red reflection of a civilization burning to ash. Hope faded with the last of my Light; this was where I would meet my final death.

A flash of violet pulled my eyes from down sight. A Cabal ship careened out of the smoke, burning black-indigo. And I saw her, riding the wing, but she was gone in a blink as the ship smashed into the earth. She reappeared in the middle of a legion, and in a second half-heartbeat, rose into the air and dropped an explosion of void the likes of which I'd never seen.

I had believed I was a Voidwalker... until I beheld Ikora Rey.



  • Nova bomb icon1.png Nova Bomb — Hurl an explosive bolt of Void Light at the enemy, disintegrating those caught within its blast.


  • Strafe glide icon1.png Strafe Glide — Jump while airborne to activate glide and start an airborne drift with strong directional control.
  • Burst glide icon1.png Burst Glide — Jump while airborne to activate glide and start an airborne drift with a strong initial burst of speed.
  • Blink icon1.png Blink — Jump while airborne to teleport a short distance.


  • Vortex grenade icon1.png Vortex Grenade — A grenade that creates a Vortex which continually damages enemies trapped inside.
  • Axion bolt icon1.png Axion Bolt — A bolt of Void Light that forks into smaller bolts on impact that seek out enemies.
  • Scatter grenade icon1.png Scatter Grenade — A grenade that splits into many submunitions and covers a large area with multiple explosions.


  • Healing rift icon1.png Healing Rift — Conjure a well of Light that continuously heals those inside it.
  • Empowering rift icon1.png Empowering Rift — Conjure a well of Light that increases weapon damage for those inside it.

Ability Trees

Warlock Subclass 1.png Attunement of Chaos

  • Entropic pull icon1.png Entropic Pull — Strike an enemy with this melee ability to drain your enemy's life force and use it to recharge your grenade.
  • Chaos accelerant icon1.png Chaos Accelerant — Overcharge your grenade, making it deadlier and more effective.
  • Bloom icon1.png Bloom — Void ability kills cause enemies to explode.
  • Cataclysm icon1.png CataclysmNova Bomb travels slowly and seeks enemies. Detonations shatter into smaller seeker projectiles. Fire your weapon at the Nova Bomb to detonate it early.

Warlock Subclass 2.png Attunement of Fission

  • Atomic breach icon1.png Atomic Breach — This melee ability creates a Void explosion.
  • Handheld supernova icon1.png Handheld Supernova — Converts your grenade into a short range Void blast on release.
  • Dark matter icon1.png Dark Matter — Void ability kills grant health and melee, grenade and class ability energy.
  • Nova warp icon1.png Nova Warp — Step between dimensions to subvert the laws of psychics. Sprint to teleport a short distance. Hold and release to unleash a deadly Void eruption.
    • Replaces Nova Bomb as subclass Super.

Warlock Subclass 3.png Attunement of Hunger

  • Devour icon1.png Devour — Kills with this melee ability fully regenerate your health. For a short time afterward, kills restore additional health.
  • Feed the void icon1.png Feed the Void — Consume your grenade energy to regenerate your health. Grants the Devour effect.
  • Insatiable icon1.png Insatiable — While the Devour effect is active, killing enemies extends its duration and recharges your grenade.
  • Vortex icon1.png VortexNova Bomb creates a singularity which continually damages enemies trapped inside. Kills with Nova Bomb grant the Devour effect.

Subclass-Specific Exotics

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