Attunement of Fission

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The Attunement of Fission is the middle ability tree for the Voidwalker crest.pngVoidwalker subclass of Warlock crest2.png Warlock class. It has to be unlocked by purchasing either Forsaken or Shadowkeep expansions.


  • Atomic breach icon1.png Atomic Breach — This melee ability creates a Void explosion.
  • Handheld supernova icon1.png Handheld Supernova — Converts your grenade into a short range Void blast on release.
  • Dark matter icon1.png Dark Matter — Void ability kills grant health and melee, grenade and class ability energy.
  • Nova warp icon1.png Nova Warp — Step between dimensions to subvert the laws of psychics. Sprint to teleport a short distance. Hold and release to unleash a deadly Void eruption. Replaces Nova Bomb as subclass Super.

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