Strafe Glide

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Strafe Glide
Strafe glide icon1.png
Strafe Glide banner.jpg
Class Warlock
Type Movement Ability
Description Jump while airborne to activate Glide and start an airborne drift with strong directional control.
Key Bind Jump

Strafe Glide is one of four Jumping variants available to the Warlock class.

Glide is augmented with a weak boost and strong directional control. This can reach 11m high.


  • Due to the air time this ability creates, it can cross greater distances compared to other augments.



  • Heat rises icon1.png Heat Rises — Hold to consume your grenade energy to extend Glide time and improve in-air accuracy.


  • Tome of dawn icon1.png Wings of Sacred Dawn — Aiming down sights while airborne suspends the player in mid-air for a brief time.


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