Heat Rises

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Heat Rises
Heat Rises Aspect.jpg
Class Warlock
Subclass Dawnblade
Tree Attunement of Sky
Type Passive (pre-Solar 3.0)
Solar Aspect
Description You can fire weapons, melee, and throw grenades while gliding. Hold to consume your grenade, gaining Heat Rises and releasing a burst of healing energy that cures nearby allies. The strength of the burst is increased when a Healing Grenade is consumed. Final blows while airborne increase the duration of Heat Rises and grant melee energy.
Key Bind Grenade (hold)
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Heat Rises is a Dawnblade passive ability. With the introduction of Solar 3.0, it became a Solar Aspect used by Dawnblades.

Equipping this Aspect unlocks 2 Solar Fragment slots.

Holding the grenade for 1s consumes it, granting Heat Rises for 10 seconds.

HEAT RISES: Augment Glide with strong upward boost and strong directional control. The boost decays down to floating in midair, but does not deplete. Additionally, in-air accuracy penalty is reduced.


  • The Glide is a combination of Strafe and Burst Glide. Horizontal momentum is lower than Burst Glide.
  • The decayed boost is sufficient enough to suspend the user without any extra momentum.

Patch History

  • BUG FIX: Fixed an issue in which the buff was causing combatants to ignore the user.
Version/2.7.0 — Attunement of Sky Rework
  • Consume grenade to gain Heat Rises buff.
  • Dramatically reduces in air accuracy penalty.
  • Changes movement mode.
  • Reduce Glide upkeep cost by 99%.
  • Reduce Glide activation cost by 99%.
  • Set Glide velocity and agility to a combination of Strafe and Burst glide.
Season of the Haunted
  • Changed into an Aspect


A singed tome, bound in leather with notes scratched in the margins. You hold immeasurable knowledge of the approaching dawn.