Stoking The Flame

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Stoking The Flame
Stoking the flame icon1.jpg
Season 12
Type Quest Step
Rarity Legendary
Steps 2
Prerequisite A Guardian Rises
Vendors Ikora Rey
Rewards Blade's Blast
Breaker's Blaze
New Subclass: Sunbreaker
New Subclass: Dawnblade

Stoking The Flame is a Legendary Quest. It unlocks the Solar subclasses for New Light players.

1. Ignition


Awaken your latent power of Solar Light by earning experience, generating Orbs of Power, and defeating enemies to earn points; using Solar damage grants substantially more points.

Energy weapons deal elemental damage. Solar element weapons can be identified by selecting it in your character screen and looking for the Solar.pngSolar symbol.

"The flame is insatiable. It is more than Light. It is hunger, a defiant roar against the encroaching dark. But you have to be willing to burn with it."—Ouros, Sunbreaker Magistrate


  • Solar kills: 1000
  • Orbs of Power: 10
  • XP: 25000

2. Conflagration


The Vanguard will be eager to hear of your newfound power.

Speak to Ikora Rey in the Tower.

"I like the way it burns, you know? Gives 'em something to remember you by when they turn tail and run."—Marcus Ren


Speak with Ikora Rey: 1


Sunbreaker crest.png
Solar Sunbreaker
Titan Titan Subclass
Breakers blaze icon1.jpg
Breaker's Blaze
Titan Titan Emblem
Dawnblade crest.png
Solar Dawnblade
Warlock Warlock Subclass
Blades blast icon1.jpg
Blade's Blast
Warlock Warlock Emblem

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