Ikora Rey

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Ikora Rey
Ikora Rey.PNG
Name Ikora Rey
Title Vanguard Research
Race Human
Gender Female
Location The Farm, The Tower
Description The wise Ikora Rey advises and outfits Warlocks as their Vanguard.

Ikora Rey is an NPC and Vendor in Destiny 2 that typically deals with Vanguard Research reputation inside of the game. She can be found within two separate social locations within the game, but can only be discovered in her second location after the completion of the game for the very first time with that character. Upon speaking to Ikora Rey, she will also inform the player that they can in fact replay old story missions and upon completion of these missions can acquire Vanguard Research Tokens to be exchanged to her for reputation.


Ikora Rey isn’t actually available from the offset, but once you unlock her from the main story, you can see her any time at the first location:

  • The Farm – Before completing the main story, she will be found located around the Farm for players to interact with after the completion of Fury. Talking to her for the first time will unlock Challenges in most activities.
  • The Tower – After completing the game for the very first time, you can find her within the Tower bazaar when you wish to speak with her. Meditations can only be conducted from this location.


As a Vendor Ikora Rey has a reputation level that can be improved by giving her certain items that she will accept to provide you with a little chunk of reputation. She only accepts one item and one item only in the entire game to increase her reputation and it is called a Vanguard Research Token. Hand in at least 7 of these and her reputation level will go up by one and you can then exchange it for a Faction Reward, a Vanguard Research Engram which will look similar to a Legendary Engram and primarily grant pieces of the armor originally worn by the current character at the very beginning of the game.

Vendor Goods

The goods available for acquisition from Ikora Rey all fall under one category: Faction Rewards.

Faction Rewards

This section contains armor and weapons which are normally obtained from Vanguard Research Engrams. The following can be purchased if the appropriate number of Vanguard Research Engrams have been claimed on the current character:

Titan only:

Hunter only:

Warlock only:


Every week, Ikora Rey will allow each character to revisit two predetermined Red War Missions (and one Curse of Osiris mission if Curse of Osiris is owned and the current character has completed all of its missions) - the act of replaying a mission is called Meditation. Meditations have a recommended Power Level of 220 and award 3 Vanguard Research Tokens upon completion. Challenges are disabled during Meditations, so each character can only earn at most 6 tokens each week (9 tokens for Curse of Osiris owners).

To begin a Meditation, go to Ikora Rey and claim a Meditation from her, then interact with the instrument to the right once you are ready to start the mission. Completing a Meditation will automatically return you to the landing zone of the Tower, allowing both Meditations to be run back-to-back with little downtime in between.

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