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Patch 6.2.0
“The one about Arc 3.0 (and changing the patch notes number)”
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Type Patch
Version ID 6.2.0
Released August 23, 2022
External Link Patch 6.2.0[1]
Version History
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  • Fixed an issue where exploring the Director screen would impact FPS.
    • The team will continue to monitor FPS while using this tab.
  • Added a new option to allow players to invite their friends to their fireteam without redirecting them to the Roster tab.
  • Updated the visuals to make it easier to understand when a player has been blocked.
  • Fixed an issue where viewing one's own details in the Roster might not consistently respect the Share Platform Names.


  • Fixed an issue where pre-match cinematics would end before the countdown timer reached zero.
  • Fixed an issue where an opponent’s nameplate would not pulse when their Super is active.


  • Fixed an issue where Derelict Leviathan did not have a Director label
  • Fixed an issue where some items would show extra spaces near the bottom.
  • Updated the UI on the Clan tab to match other locations in the game where multiple pages are present.
  • Fixed an issue where some perk information was not displayed when inspecting another player's equipped Stasis.png Stasis Aspects and Fragments.
  • Triumphs or Seasonal Challenges that are claimed and tracked may now be untracked.
    • The team is investigating situations where players may get into these states.
    • Starting with Season 18, Seasonal Challenges and your currently tracked Triumph, weapon catalyst, pattern, medal, etc. will be untracked at each Seasonal reset to help avoid similar issues.
  • Updated the parallax boundaries on armor inspection screens to keep the armor stats from moving off screen on consoles

Gameplay and Investment


  • Fixed an issue in Survival where tied rounds still granted a point to one of the teams.


  • Loose skill-based matchmaking enabled on Control playlist. Please see the TWAB for more information.
  • In 3v3 Crucible modes, Special icon.png special ammo will no longer refresh upon being resurrected, bringing them inline with Trials of Osiris.
    • Self-reviving still restocks with Special icon.png special ammo
  • Fixed an issue where Crucible streak protection message was unnecessarily displaying when joining a match in progress
  • Fixed an issue where the Three Birds, Three Stones triumph did not progress in all Crucible playlists
  • Fixed an issue where pre-match cinematics would end before the countdown timer reached zero.
  • Fixed an issue where an opponent’s nameplate would not pulse when their Super is active.

Iron Banner

  • Fixed an issue where the Fourth Daily Challenge would not contribute to Iron Banner reputation multiplier
  • Fixed an issue where seasonal metrics did not display during the intro scene when loading into a match
  • Fixed an issue where there was a missing progress display string in the Iron Banner introduction quest
  • Fixed an issue where an outdated loading screen hint about power level being enabled in Iron Banner was showing up


  • Fixed an issue where Crucible, Gambit, and Vanguard dropped and focused weapons could not drop with more then 3 combinations of multiple perks
    • They can now drop with a more combinations of multiple perks for each seasonal reputation resets, up to 4.
  • Added new Arc.png Arc 3.0 bounties for Crucible, Gambit, and Vanguard
  • Tuned bounties with Void.png Void 3.0 status effects

Lost Sectors

  • Fixed an issue where all Skydock IV Lost Sector champions were not counting properly for scoring


  • Wellspring now uses the proper scoring during Master difficulty; players can now earn Platinum rewards based on score rather than killing Champions


Global Changes


  • Increased the vibrancy of the glow colors in the "Candescent Prism" Solstice ornament sets in order to bring them back to parity with Update 4.1.5.
    • This also fixed shaders not correctly applying to these sets.
  • Fixed an issue where The path of burning steps icon1.jpg The Path of Burning Steps would not admit to killing a Guardian with its Solar burst and blamed The Architects instead.
  • Fixed an issue where the Antaeus wards icon1.jpg Antaeus Wards was not changing its glow color based on the Guardian's current subclass.


  • Stasis.png Stasis Rocket Launchers and Stasis.png Stasis Grenade Launchers with the perks Chain reaction icon1.png Chain Reaction, Dragonfly icon1.png Dragonfly, and Cluster bomb icon1.png Cluster Bombs will now have cool Stasis-themed VFX and audio.
  • Updated the Polaris lance icon1.jpg Polaris Lance catalyst requirements to be more achievable.
    • Removed The Perfect Fifth icon.png Perfect Fifth kill objective entirely. It now only relies on kills by the weapon.
  • Fixed various issues where the Wish-ender icon1.jpg Wish-Ender Exotic Bow would lose its Truesight in certain circumstances.
  • The shaping alloy "Drowned Alloy icon.jpg Drowned Alloy" has been renamed to "Harmonic Alloy."
  • Dismantled weapons with Deepsight will provide pattern progress if a pattern is available.
    • Dismantled weapons with Deepsight will provide 100 Neutral Element icon.jpg Neutral Element.
    • If the objective is completed and the item is dismantled or the Deepsight mod extracted, 300 Neutral Element icon.jpg Neutral Element will be acquired.
    • When a Deepsight weapon with a pattern is dismantled or extracted, players will be notified via loot stream that pattern progress has been made.
  • Starting in Season 18, Deepsight weapons that are acquired prior to their pattern becoming available will no longer output pattern progress. The Deepsight weapon's tooltip will indicate whether a pattern is available or not.
  • Fixed an issue where One for all icon1.png One for All would grant more bonus damage than intended on Grenade Launchers.
  • Fixed an issue where using Shoot to loot icon1.png Shoot to Loot with x20px Enhanced Overflow would overflow the weapon much more than intended.
  • Explosive payload icon1.png Explosive Payload detonations will no longer pick up ammo via Shoot to loot icon1.png Shoot to Loot to prevent an ammo exploit.
    • This interaction will be re-enabled once the underlying issue has been fixed in a future patch.

Weapon Archetypes

Weapon Pools

  • Updated the Dares of Eternity weapon set's perk pools and added an origin trait.
  • Addressed an issue where Playlist (Crucible, Gambit and strike) weapons weren't randomizing perk count correctly based on number of resets.


Exotic Weapons


  • Arc.png Arc Subclasses
    • Reworked to fit the Subclass 3.0 system. There are too many individual systemic changes to list here, but the Arc.png Arc subclasses now use the Aspect and Fragment system used by Stasis.png Stasis, Void.png Void, and Solar.png Solar.
    • Standardized a set of buffs and debuffs aligned to the Arc.png Arc damage type:
      • Amplified- Your movement speed and weapon handling are greatly increased. After sprinting for a short time, you enter Speed Booster, further increasing your sprint speed and granting damage resistance against PvE combatants.
        • By default, rapidly defeating multiple targets with Arc.png Arc damage will amplify you. Your equipped Aspects and Fragments provide additional methods to become and benefit from being amplified.
      • Ionic Trace - A bolt of pure Arc.png Arc energy that travels along the ground, seeking its creator. When picked up, Ionic Traces grant grenade, melee, and class ability energy.
      • Blind- Combatants are disoriented and cannot fire their weapons. Enemy players' HUD is removed and their vision is obscured.
      • Jolted- The target is energized with destructive Arc.png Arc Light. As they take additional damage while jolted, they chain lightning to nearby enemies. This chain lightning can occur multiple times while a target is jolted.
      • Hovering over Aspects, Fragments, or abilities on the Arc.png Arc subclass screen now displays a tooltip flyout detailing any relevant status effects.
    • Some old subclass perks have been deprecated, while others have been rolled into base ability behavior, Fragments, or Aspects with some changes to behavior as a result.
    • All classes now have access to all Arc.png Arc grenades.
  • Grenades
    • Storm grenade
      • Total damage across the two detonations reduced from 170 (80/90) to 120 (70/50)
      • Improved damage area consistency under certain network conditions to fix an issue where it was dealing delayed damage.
      • Base cooldown increased from 91s to 105s.
    • Lightning grenade
      • Damage per strike reduced from 160 to 120.
    • Arcbolt grenade
      • Damage reduced from 105 to 85.
      • Base cooldown reduced from 121s to 105s.
    • Skip grenade
      • Base cooldown increased from 105s to 121s.
    • Flashbang grenade
      • Blind duration decreased from 5 seconds to 3 seconds vs. Players.
    • Pulse grenade
      • Base cooldown increased from 105s to 121s.
    • Vortex grenade
      • Fixed an issue causing this to deal less damage than intended against PvE targets.
  • Hunter
    • Arcstrider
      • Arc staff icon1.png Arc Staff
        • Now has both Whirlwind guard icon1.png Whirlwind Guard block capability and Lightning reflexes icon1.png Lightning Reflexes armored dodge as default behavior.
        • Arc Staff damage vs. minor and elite combatants increased by 12.5%.
      • New Super added: Gathering storm icon1.png Gathering Storm
        • Hurl your Arc Staff forward, embedding it into surfaces or large targets, dealing damage to and jolting nearby targets. After a short time, a devastating lightning bolt strikes the staff, overcharging it with Arc energy. While overcharged, your staff discharges lightning at nearby foes.
      • New jump added: Blink icon1.png Blink
        • Arc Hunters have recovered from a not-so-brief case of amnesia causing them to forget how to Blink.
      • Disorienting blow icon1.png Disorienting Blow
        • Now applies a short blind to nearby targets rather than a generic disorient, and also amplifies you on hit.
      • Combination blow icon1.png Combination Blow
        • Now also recharges your class ability when you successfully defeat a target with this charged melee, in addition to increasing your charged melee damage.
        • Base cooldown increased from 15s to 40s.
      • Tempest Strike Aspect.jpg Tempest Strike
        • Increased travel distance from 18m to 22m.
        • Added a small amount of initial tracking to help Tempest Strike land on close targets.
        • Now jolts targets on hit.
        • Base damage decreased from 130 to 110.
      • Lethal Current Aspect.jpg Lethal Current – Reworked
        • After dodging, your next melee attack has increased range, jolts the struck target, and leaves behind a damaging aftershock.
        • Damaging a jolted target with melee attacks also blinds them.
        • While using Arc Staff, your next attack strikes twice after dodging.
      • Deprecated the Ebb and flow icon1.png Ebb and Flow subclass node perk.
    • Nightstalker
      • Spectral blades icon1.png Spectral Blades
        • Spectral Blades damage vs. minor and elite combatants increased by 33%.
  • Titan
    • Striker
      • Fists of havoc icon1.png Fists of Havoc
        • Now has Terminal velocity icon1.png Terminal Velocity's slam bonus as default behavior.
        • The slam's bonus damage when activated from the air is now constant rather than variable based on your height when you activate the slam.
        • Light attack energy cost normalized between previous top and bottom tree cost at 8% (previously 12%/5.6%).
        • Heavy slam radius normalized between the previous top and bottom tree cost at 7 meters (previously 8m/6m).
        • Fists of Havoc damage vs. Champion, miniboss, and boss combatants increased by 25%. Damage vs. minor and elite combatants increased by ~40%.
          • Note: Previously, Fists of Havoc relied on knockout bonus damage and trample energy refunds to consistently deal with standard combatants in PvE. We'd like this to be better able to stand on its own now to partially compensate for the increased attack energy costs.
      • New class ability added: Thruster icon.jpg Thruster
        • Activate while grounded to perform a quick, first-person lateral evade.
      • New melee ability added: Thunderclap icon1.jpg Thunderclap
        • Hold melee while grounded to plant your feet and begin charging your fist with Arc energy. Release melee to punch forward, unleashing a large blast of force that deals additional damage the longer the melee button was held.
      • Seismic strike icon1.png Seismic Strike
        • Blind duration decreased from 5 seconds to 1.6 seconds vs. players.
        • Now while amplified, the blinding radius is increased from 7m to 10m, and the blind duration is increased to 3 seconds vs. players.
      • Ballistic slam icon1.png Ballistic Slam
        • Fixed an issue where the Ballistic Slam camera could sometimes cause you to dive straight down rather than at your aimed location.
        • No longer applies Inertia override icon1.png Inertia Override on hit.
      • Knockout Aspect.jpg Knockout
        • Defeating targets with melee attacks now also amplifies you in addition to starting your health regeneration.
        • Knockout is no longer consumed on your next melee kill. Instead, knockout lasts for a set 6 seconds, after which it needs to be reactivated by breaking a combatant shield or critically wounding a target.
      • Deprecated the Frontal Assault melee ability, and the aftershocks and trample subclass node perks.
    • Sentinel
      • Sentinel shield icon1.png Sentinel Shield
        • Sentinel Shield damage vs. minor and elite combatants increased by 12.5%.
  • Warlock
    • Stormcaller
      • Stormtrance icon1.png Stormtrance
        • Now has Ionic blink icon1.png Ionic Blink and Landfall icon1.png Landfall as default behaviors.
        • Landfall icon1.png Landfall seeker damage reduced from 250 to 150.
          • Note: While the seekers added to bottom tree Stormcaller in Season of the Lost were a lot of fun, they made Stormtrance more of a shutdown Super than we're comfortable with. Given that it is also a solid roaming option and now has increased base mobility with Ionic Blink, we felt we could reduce the seekers damage.
        • Stormtrance no longer increases its attack upkeep cost when targeting multiple enemies at once.
          • Note: We believe that Stormtrance's greatest strength should be clearing hordes of enemies, and the increased cost based on target count was running counter to that intended role.
        • Stormtrance damage vs. minor and elite combatants increased by 20%.
      • Chain lightning icon1.png Chain Lightning
        • While amplified, Chain Lightning now creates two sets of chains, up from one, jumping between more targets.
        • Now also jolts your primary target.
        • Lunge range increased from 4.5m to 5.25m.
      • Ball lightning icon1.png Ball Lightning
        • While amplified, Ball Lightning now detonates two additional times, for a total of three vertical damaging strikes.
        • Increased arming shape length below the projectile by 2 meters to resolve some edge cases where targets that the detonation area could potentially damage were not triggering the projectile to detonate.
      • Arc Soul Aspect.jpg Arc Souls
        • Being or becoming amplified now also amplifies your Arc Souls, granting them a greatly increased fire rate.
        • Damage per projectile increased from 25 to 35 vs. PvE combatants.
        • Amplified Arc Souls projectiles per burst decreased from 6 to 5, fire rate decreased by ~10%.
          • Note: We expect to see significantly increased uptime on supercharged Arc Souls, so we wanted to provide a bit more time between bursts where players could safely engage an enemy that has an Arc Soul in PvP activities. We hope the increased PVE damage offsets this change sufficiently, but we’ll be keeping an eye on it going forward.
      • Deprecated the Rising storm icon1.png Rising Storm melee ability, along with the Transcendence icon1.png Transcendence, Pulsewave icon1.png Pulsewave, and Arc web icon1.png Arc Web subclass node perks.
  • Arc Aspects
  • Arc Fragments
  • General
    • Blink icon1.png Blink
      • Maximum displacement distance increased from 4.5m to 5.25m.
      • Maximum vertical offset (how high up or down you are displaced based on your aim angle from the horizon) increased from 2m to 2.5m.
      • Increased forgiveness of mantling to ledges after exiting Blink.
      • Energy model reworked:
        • Previously, Blink charges recharged slowly one-by-one, and could be activated at a cadence that felt inconsistent and often left players confused as to how many charges they had available.
        • Now, Blink has a consistent activation cost. You can carry two charges at once, and 2.2 seconds after activating your last Blink, both are immediately recharged. We've also added a screen wipe and sound effect when this occurs, similar to Icarus Dash, to help communicate when you're ready to Blink again. The overall availability of Blink is similar to the previous version, but we hope it is more understandable and results in fewer instances of frustration from the energy recharge model.
      • Note: These changes apply to Blink on all subclasses that have access to it.
    • Blind
      • Screen shader brightness has been significantly decreased to address photosensitivity issues from the previous fully whited-out version.
    • Ionic Traces
      • No longer provide Super energy on pickup.
      • Reduced melee, grenade, and class ability energy return to compensate for expected increased uptime:
        • Base melee energy return reduced from 20% to 12.5%.
        • Base grenade energy return reduced from 15% to 12.5%.
        • Base class ability energy return reduced from 25% to 15%.
    • Restoration
      • Fixed an issue where Restoration x2 could be removed by some PvE combatants' attacks and certain debuffs like Overload rounds.
  • Arc.png Arc-focused Exotic armor updates

Platform and Systems

  • Fixed an issue on PlayStation platforms where the text in many areas of the game would display an extra line break.


  • Fixed an issue where text chat messages persist after being kicked out to the login screen without exiting the game.
  • Glimmer1.png Glimmer pickups will now play dematerialization VFX when picked up.
  • Added key binding options for vehicles which support lateral dodging functionality.
    • There is a known issue on Stadia where the title texts for these settings are not appearing as expected. The team is aware of the root cause, and a fix is expected in an upcoming hotfix.
  • Updated tooltips for various vehicle key binding options with more relevant information.
    • Multiple key bindings for vehicles have missing or incorrect definitions.
  • Destiny 2 now available in the Epic Games Store.


  • With this update, the patch numbering system was changed for all updates moving forward. This was done to bring Bungie's internal and public-facing patch numbers into parity. For example, Version[3] (the update coinciding with the release of The Witch Queen) was numbered internally as Update 6.0.0.[4]


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