Storm Grenade

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Storm Grenade
Storm grenade icon1.png
Class Warlock
Subclass Stormcaller
Type Grenade
Element Arc
Description A grenade that calls down a focused lightning storm.

Storm Grenade is a grenade ability available to the Stormcaller subclass.

Upon impact after a 0.7s delay, the grenade sends down a bolt of lightning, then a bombardment of 12 smaller bolts arranged in an X.


  • Total bombardment occurs over 1.6s.



  • Arc web icon1.png Arc Web - Enemies damaged by your grenades chain deadly lightning to nearby enemies.
  • Rising storm icon1.png Rising Storm - This electrocuting melee ability hits at extended range and recharges your super, grenade, and melee energy.


  • Conduction tines icon1.png Crown of Tempests - Arc ability kills increase the recharge rate of your Arc abilities.