Arc Web

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Arc Web
Arc web icon1.png
Class Warlock
Subclass Stormcaller
Tree Attunement of Conduction
Type Passive
Element [[Arc]]
Damage 27
Radius 11m
Description Enemies damaged by your grenades chain deadly lightning to nearby enemies. Each grenade or melee chain returns grande energy.

Arc Web is a Stormcaller passive ability.

Enemies damaged by grenades will chain lightning to nearby enemies. Each chain from Arc Web or Chain Lightning will generate 2% grenade energy (8% against Guardians).

Patch History

  • Chain damage reduced to 27 from 36.
  • Grenade energy recharge reduced:
    • 2% from 3% in PvE.
    • 8% from 10% in PvP.
  • Chain range reduced to 11m from 12m.
Season of Plunder
  • The properties of the perk aree transferred over to the Spark of Shock.