Attunement of Conduction

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The Attunement of Conduction is the top ability tree for the Stormcaller crest.pngStormcaller subclass of Warlock crest2.png Warlock class.


  • Chain lightning icon1.png Chain Lightning — This electrocuting melee ability chains lightning from the struck target to nearby enemies.
  • Transcendence icon1.png Transcendence — When cast with full grenade and melee energy, Stormtrance lasts longer and fully restores health.
  • Arc web icon1.png Arc Web — Enemies damaged by your grenades chain deadly lightning to nearby enemies. Each grenade or melee chain returns grenade energy.
  • Ionic blink icon1.png Ionic Blink — Activate to teleport during Stormtrance.

Exotic Synergy

  • Stormdancer's brace icon1.jpg Stormdancer's Brace — Each enemy you defeat with Stormtrance increases the damage you deal with Stormtrance.

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