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Solar Subclass Sunbreaker
Arc Subclass Striker
Void Subclass Sentinel
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"Titans are warriors - heroic defenders of the Light, channeling the gifts of the Traveler to wage war on the Darkness. Steadfast and sure, Titans face any challenge head-on, blunt force instruments of the Traveler's will." - Grimoire Card: Titan


Titans are the most durable of Destiny's class triad, sacrificing agility and recovery for the ability to withstand a tremendous amount of punishment. Much like its Hunter and Warlock brethren, the Titan class is divided into three subclasses at present; each specialization offers unique abilities and alters the manner in which the class is played. Shared among all subclasses is the Barricade class ability; this technique is further divided into Towering Barricade and Rally Barricade, each allowing players to deploy temporary cover on the battlefield.


Sentinel Striker Sunbreaker

How to Unlock Titan Subclasses

Sentinel is the default subclass for Titan that player starts D2 with.

Striker is unlocked at level 8+

Sunbreaker is unlocked at level 15+.

For the latter subclasses, players need to reach the required level, obtaining a Class Relic from a Public Events chest. Fill up the Relic bar by doing more public events then complete a solo mission at the Shard of the Traveler in EDZ on Earth.