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Alignment Stasis
Unlock The Kell of Darkness

Behemoth is the Stasis.pngStasis-based subclass of the Titan crest 2.png Titan class.


Particle or planet, it all shatters with enough force.

The ground ruptured and sizzled as Scorch Cannons and Wire Rifles pummeled my cover from all directions. Fallen war cries echoed through their endless ranks; despair grew within me, but with it came a whisper. An offer. I closed my eyes and accepted.

The cold embraced me, dimming the sounds of battle into reverberant echoes, thin and distant. I flexed my gauntlets and felt the roar of glaciers grinding against the bones of the world.

I crashed my fists into the earth and frozen obelisks erupted, encasing Dregs and Vandals into helpless effigies. I gazed through the crystals enveloping my enemies, and in the myriad refractions, I saw their fear. I felt their desperate will to escape my grip, and in the moment before release, I shattered it.



  • GLACIAL QUAKE.png Glacial Quake: Summon a Stasis gauntlet. While your Super is active:
    • [Heavy Attack]: Slam your gauntlet down to create a shockwave that freezes targets and sends out Stasis crystals to freeze additional ones.
    • [Light Attack]: Supercharge your Shiver Strike for bonus damage. Sprint through Stasis crystals or frozen targets to shatter them instantly.


  • Shiver Strike.png Shiver Strike — Hold input to leap through the air. Releasing unleashes a powerful dash attack that knocks targets back, slowing and damaging them.


  • Catapult Lift Stasis icon.png Catapult Lift: Jump while airborne to activate Lift and launch into the air with a strong initial burst of momentum.
  • High Lift Stasis icon.png High Lift: Jump while airborne to activate Lift and launch into the air to greater heights.
  • Strafe Lift Stasis icon.png Strafe Lift: Jump while airborne to activate Lift and launch into the air with strong directional control.


Class Ability

  • Rally Barricade Stasis icon.png Rally Barricade: Create a small barrier that you can peek over while aiming down sights and that increases weapon reload speed, stability, and range when you stand behind it.
  • Towering Barricade Stasis icon.png Towering Barricade: Create a large barrier that can be used to reinforce a position with cover from enemy fire.



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