Diamond Lance

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Diamond Lance
Diamond lance icon1.png
Diamond Lance banner.jpg
Class Titan
Subclass Behemoth
Type Stasis Aspect
Prerequisite Aspect of Interference
Description Shatter or defeat targets with Stasis.png Stasis abilities to create a Stasis Lance.

[Shoot]: Throw the lance to freeze targets on impact.

[Melee]: Slam the lance to the ground to freeze targets in a small area.

Diamond Lance is a Stasis Aspect available to the Behemoth subclass.

Equipping this Aspect unlocks 3 Stasis Fragment slots.

How to Unlock


Unlock this Stasis Aspect by completing the quests "Aspect of Influence" and "Aspect of Interference," acquired from the Exo Stranger on Europa.


Exotic Armor

  • Cadmus ridge lancecap icon1.jpg Cadmus Ridge LancecapLancer's Vigil: Diamond Lances create Stasis crystals on impact when thrown, with more crystals created by hitting bosses and vehicles. While using a Stasis subclass and behind your rally barricade, rapid precision hits and combatant final blows with a Stasis weapon creates a Diamond Lance near you.


A weapon of Vex origin frozen at the moment before it lets its ordnance fly—like an arm, spear in hand, forever paused at the apex of its throw. It is the embodiment of action forever postponed, desperate to be unleashed.