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As the new threat emerges, so too does a mysterious new power – Stasis.

Stasis is an elemental type related to ice. It was added in Beyond Light.



Some Stasis abilities apply a slowing debuff to targets.

Slow shuts off non-player combatants' movement abilities and slows their movement. Slow reduces affected players' movement speed and ability regeneration, and suppresses movement abilities. It also reduces aim-down-sights speed, weapon reload speed, weapon handling, weapon kick direction and weapon accuracy.


Some Stasis abilities freeze targets, incasing them in cosmic ice.

Freeze can be shattered by damage, which damages the frozen target and all other nearby targets, including other frozen targets. If not shattered, freeze eventually crumbles off on its own, without dealing any damage to the frozen target or nearby enemies.

Freeze locks all non-boss combatants in place, bosses automatically shatter out after some duration. Frozen players have their class ability replaced with Breakout, which allows them to shatter themselves, removing freeze early at the trade-off of health. Breakout damage is reduced by Resilience. Players can activate their Supers to immediately breakout in Super state. Players frozen during a one-off Super have their Super suppressed. Players frozen during a roaming Super quickly shatter out, taking a small amount of damage.


Each class has a Stasis subclass:

Stasis subclasses have a single Super and a single melee ability. Like with other subclasses, players can choose from two class abilities, three movement modes and three grenade abilities. Further customization is achieved through Aspects and Fragments.


Aspects are physical items that can be found in the world. Players enhance their character's abilities by slotting these Aspects into the respective Stasis subclass. They can be freely mixed and matched, and each class has unique Aspects. These items come with a varying number of Fragment slots.


Fragments are also physical items which have to be obtained before they can be used. Fragments provide passive perks when slotted into an active Aspect, and they are not limited to a single class. They can have penalties, similar to some Mods.

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