Stasis Fragments

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Stasis Fragments are Fragments that are unlocked on the Stasis subclasses: Behemoth (Titan), Revenant (Hunter), and Shadebinder (Warlock).

Equipping Stasis Aspects will unlock slots where Stasis Fragments can be equipped. However, unlike Aspects, Fragments are not tied to specific classes. Once unlocked, a Fragment is available account-wide, and is shared freely between all Stasis subclasses. Multiple characters can have a given Fragment equipped at the same time, but that Fragment can only be equipped in a single slot per character. It is not possible to equip multiple copies of a Fragment on a single character in order to stack additional stat bonuses.

How to Unlock

The player must own at least 1 Stasis Aspect in order to start unlocking Stasis Fragments on that character. Each Stasis Fragment can be unlocked by exchanging a Memory Fragment icon.jpg Memory Fragment with the Exo Stranger on Europa. Memory Fragments are obtained by completing the Fragment quests offered by the Stranger.

Fragment quests are repeatable as long as there are still Fragments to be unlocked. There are three types of Fragment quests that can be purchased, based on the activity that they are associated with: Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit. The player can choose a specific category to obtain a quest from, but will be given a randomly chosen quest from the four quests in that category.

A maximum of two Fragment quests can be acquired per week, regardless of category. The player does not need to complete them right away in order to acquire more quests in the following week. However, the player cannot acquire duplicate quests; if they have acquired all four of a category's quests, they must complete at least one if they want to acquire more quests from that category.

List of Stasis Fragments

  • Whisper of Bonds icon.png Whisper of Bonds — Defeating frozen targets grants you Super energy.
    • Stat Penalty: -10 Discipline
    • Stat Penalty: -10 Intellect
  • Whisper of chains icon1.png Whisper of Chains — While you are near frozen targets or a friendly Stasis crystal, you take reduced damage from targets.
    • Stat Increase: +10 Recovery
  • Whisper of conduction icon1.png Whisper of Conduction — Nearby Stasis shards track to your position.
    • Stat Increase: +10 Intellect
    • Stat Increase: +10 Resilience
  • Whisper of Durance icon.png Whisper of Durance — Slow from your abilities lasts longer. For those abilities that linger, their duration will also increase.
    • Stat Increase: +10 Strength
  • Whisper of Fissures.png Whisper of Fissures — Increases the damage and size of the burst of Stasis when you destroy a Stasis crystal or defeat a frozen target.
  • Whisper of fractures icon1.png Whisper of Fractures — Your melee energy recharges faster when you are near two or more targets.
    • Stat Penalty: -10 Discipline
  • Whisper of Hedrons.png Whisper of Hedrons — Dramatically increases weapon stability, weapon aim assist, Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery after freezing a target with Stasis.
    • Stat Penalty: -10 Strength
  • Whisper of hunger icon1.png Whisper of Hunger — Increases the melee energy gained from picking up Stasis shards.
    • Stat Penalty: -10 Mobility
    • Stat Penalty: -10 Recovery
  • Whisper of impetus icon1.png Whisper of Impetus — Damaging targets with a Stasis melee reloads your stowed weapons and grants you a temporary boost to weapon ready speed.
  • Whisper of Refraction icon.png Whisper of Refraction — Defeating slowed or frozen targets grants you class ability energy.
  • Whisper of rending icon1.png Whisper of Rending — Kinetic weapons do increased damage to Stasis crystals and frozen targets.
  • Whisper of rime icon1.png Whisper of Rime — Collecting a Stasis shard grants a small amount of overshield, which falls off after 10 seconds. Collecting additional shards adds to the overshield and refreshes the timer.
  • WHISPER OF SHARDS.png Whisper of Shards — Shattering a Stasis crystal temporarily boosts your grenade recharge rate. Shattering additional Stasis crystals increases the duration of this benefit.
    • Stat Increase: +10 Resilience
  • Whisper of torment icon1.png Whisper of Torment — You gain grenade energy each time you take damage from targets.