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Gambit is a game mode added in Season of the Outlaw. Two teams of four players will each have to summon and defeat the Primeval boss faster than their opponents. The Drifter hands out Gambit bounties and quests.


The teams gather on the Derelict with the Drifter as the incoming enemy faction is determined. Each team arrives into a different instance of the same map. There is a bank device in the center of the map, and non-Guardian enemies arrive to designated zones to the left, right, or in front of the bank. The Drifter announces in which zone these enemies appear, and after most of them are defeated, they spawn in the next one. There are portals connecting two farthest zones.

Motes and Blockers

Each defeated enemy drops a Mote of Dark that can be collected by running over it, higher tier enemies drop more motes. Shiny and High Value Targets carry extra motes, the latter are harder to kill. Each player can carry up to 15 motes, player death would cause their carried motes to disappear entirely. Motes flicker and disappear if they stay on the ground for too long.

Players deposit motes at the bank's four synthesizers. Banking will deposit all motes, depositing a certain amount of motes summons a blocker. Blockers come in three varieties, depending on the minimum amount of motes deposited: Taken Goblin for 5 motes, Taken Captain for 10 motes, and Taken Knight for 15 motes. They are sent to the opposing team's map at their bank, locking down the bank while they remain on the field. Blockers can be deployed even if the deposit exceeds bank capacity.


When a team reaches 25 and 50 motes banked, the invasion portal near their bank will open. A single player can enter the portal and arrive at the opposing team's map. This invader can track the opponents' health and the amount of motes they carry, non-Guardian enemies are not hostile to them, and the invader has an overshield while glowing bright red. The invader has 30 seconds to defeat as many Guardians as they can before they are dragged back to their map. Killing four Guardians or dying will also drag back the invader.


Once a team banks the maximum 75 motes, they summon the Primeval boss (random Taken). The normal enemies will stop spawning, instead Taken enemies will continually spawn to assist the Primeval. The Primeval is accompanied by two Primeval Envoys (Taken Wizards) and takes much less damage while they are alive, or until a callout says the Primeval is weakened. After which, the Primeval Slayer buff stacks every 13s up to 10 stacks, enabling the team to deal more damage to the Primeval.

While the Primeval is alive, the opposing team's invasion portal activates more frequently with a cooldown in-between activations. If a member of a team with a Primeval is killed by an invader, the Primeval restores some amount of health.

Win Condition

Destroying the Primeval wins the round. A Gambit match resolves in a best of three rounds.


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Arena Name Zone Planet PS4 Exclusives Expansion
Cathedral of Scars Dreaming City The Reef No Forsaken
Deep Six New Pacific Arcology Titan No Forsaken
Emerald Coast European Dead Zone Earth No Forsaken
Kell's Grave The Tangled Shore The Reef No Forsaken
Legion's Folly Arcadian Valley Nessus No Forsaken
New Arcadia Hellas Basin Mars No Forsaken


WeaponImageSlotTypeImpactRangeStabilityHandlingReload SpeedRounds Per MinuteMagazine
Bad OmensBad omens icon1.jpgPower WeaponsRocket Launchers342865251
BygonesBygones icon1.jpgKineticPulse Rifles295360515139038
Distant RelationDistant relation icon1.jpgEnergyScout Rifles624754464518016
Hazard of the CastHazard of the cast icon1.jpgKineticAuto Rifles296847504945033
Parcel of StardustParcel of stardust icon1.jpgKineticShotguns1051457160806
PillagerPillager icon1.jpgKineticSubmachine Guns153948733790037
TrustTrust icon1.jpgEnergyHand Cannons78436041551809

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