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Nessus is a Location in Destiny 2. Quite possibly one of the most interesting planets to be set for exploration in Destiny 2 is the planetoid Nessus; an area of the Destiny 2 universe that is completely under the control of the Vex, a race of beings that Destiny fans seems to adore. Throughout the entirety of the Nessus planet, it resembles that of a giant super-computer, where technology is the only thing that matters anymore to this planet. Spread throughout, you’ve got some luscious red trees, white Vex rivers, and deadly canyons that you aren’t going to want to fall into.

The main area on Nessus goes by the name of:

Arcadian Valley

Arcadian Valley is a region of the planet is where the Red War was fought on Nessus. Due to the Red Legion and their attempts to drill into the Vex ruins that are scattered out throughout the region, there are drills spread throughout the immediate area of Nessus.

Of all of the enemies you are to find located on Nessus, you are set to find the Cabal, the Fallen, and of course the Vex as well – considering that it’s their planet and all.

Similar to how Earth is set up, Nessus is set to be another planet that has plenty of adventures, locations, and Lost Sectors dotted around the planet’s surface; all waiting to be discovered.

Nessus is also home to the Leviathan, the flagship of emperor Calus, the former Cabal leader.


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