Glimmer Extraction

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Glimmer Extraction is a Public Event added in Red War.



The Steppes Forgotten Shore
Trostland The Gulch The Sludge Firebase Hades
The Tangle The Cistern Glade of Echoes
Cadmus Ridge Eventide Ruins


Tangled Shore
Four-Horn Gulch


A group of Fallen descends from a Skiff with mining equipment. Players have to defeat the three Fallen Extractor enemies and the Extractor Captain which spawns afterwards. The Skiff then moves to a different area, where players have to defeat another extraction crew and cause the Skiff to move again. Defeating three crews completes the event.

This event can be made Heroic by destroying three smaller mining machines, they are the only ones that can be damaged. One machine spawns at each area where the Fallen try to mine, but with a short delay after all of their other equipment is deployed. If a machine is not destroyed before the crew moves on, it appears in the next area. Players can destroy them one by one, or wait until the third area and destroy all three machines at the same time. Destroying all three before defeating the last Extractor Captain spawns a pile of Glimmer, which has to be captured to complete the event.