Glade of Echoes

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Glade of Echoes
Location Nessus
Zone Arcadian Valley
Landing Zone No
Fallen Enemy Groups 4
Vex Enemy Groups 3
Chests Yes
Material Nodes Yes
Patrol Beacons 5
Region Chests 3
Scannable Objects 5
Connections Hallows, The Cistern, Exodus Black (Sector), EX-007 Command
Glade of Echoes is a Sector in Arcadian Valley, Nessus.

Points of Interest


  • Exit to Hallows: Directly north of the main area of this Sector, players can find the road to Hallows.
  • Exit to The Cistern: Follow the Main Thoroughfare all the way to the southwest and you will reach a road that goes between some cliffs and Vex blocks. This will lead you to The Cistern Sector.
  • Exit to Exodus Black (Sector): On the northeast end of the Sector, there is a metal ramp that leads into some ship wreckage. Follow the ruined fuselage to enter the Exodus Black Sector.
  • Exit to EX-007 Command: The southern edge of this sector holds a circular entrance into the command module of the Exodus Black spaceship. Inside, players can talk to Failsafe.
  • Main Thoroughfare: This is the main road through the entire Sector. It runs east from the exit to The Cistern, then makes a left and heads north by the EX-007 Command module. It then splits into two - one road goes northwest towards the two plateaus, while the other continues northeast towards the Exodus Black Sector.
  • Crates and Wreckage: Fallen have taken over this central area of the Sector. They have created makeshift bases out of ship debris. Here, players can find the entrance to a Lost Sector.
  • Fuselage and Rocks: North of the fork in the Main Thoroughfare, players can find some ship debris. Behind them, a group of Fallen can be encountered. This is also a possible location for the Skirmish Secret Public Event.
  • Upper Plateau (North): Just east of the entrance from Hallows, there is a flat plateau with some Fallen enemies to eliminate. The main road of the sector moves right below it. This area is a possible location for a Public Event, during which enemy presence will be significantly greater.
  • Upper Plateau (South): Just west of the central area of the Sector and southwest of the Upper Plateau (North), there is another plateau. Players should expect heavy Vex presence here. It is also a possible location for the Skirmish Secret Public Event.
  • Fuselage and Rock Wall: Between some ship debris and the cliffside below the Upper Plateau (South), there is a narrow gorge. It is occupied by some Fallen and a scannable object can be found there.
  • Southeast Blocks: Just south of the ramp to Exodus Black, there are some white cubic structures, guarded by the Vex. There, players can find a number of chests and scannable objects.

Lost Sectors

  • The Carrion Pit: This Lost Sector can be accessed from the central Fallen-infested area of the Glade of Echoes. Inside, players will have to defeat some Shanks (including a Heavy Shank). Then, various lesser Fallen will attack the player until a named Servitor is located and destroyed. Killing the Servitor will award players with a Boss Chest.

Public Events



Region Chests

  • There is a region chest to be found on top of the Upper Plateau (North).
  • On the eastern side of the Main Thoroughfare, in one of the stacked cargo containers, players can find a region chest.
  • Southeast of the Southeast Blocks, in the very corner of the sector, there is a region chest at ground level. It is hidden in the dark.

Scannable Objects

  • North of the ramp towards the Exodus Black Sector, there is a dead Vex Goblin on top of a rock. It is a scannable object.
  • In the gorge between the Upper Plateau cliff wall and the ruined fuselage, there is a scannable object.
  • East of the Main Thoroughfare, just where the road turns north, there is a scannable Marauder spear in a cargo container that is on top of another container.
  • In a rocky outcrop, west of the Southeast Blocks, players can find a scannable object.
  • A scannable object can be found in the southeast corner of the Sector. It is close to a region chest.


  • The central area of this Sector is infested with Fallen. Players can expect some Dregs, Shanks, Vandals, and Captains. Other Fallen enemies can also spawn, depending on circumstances.
  • The perimeter of the Sector is mostly controlled by regular Vex infantry. A variety of Vex enemies can spawn there.
  • During Skirmish events, Fallen and Vex will spawn in different places than normal. It is safe to say that both enemy types can be found all over the Sector.

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