Vex Prisoner: Jailbreak

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Vex Prisoner: Jailbreak
EDZ None
Titan None
Nessus Artifact's Edge, Watcher's Grave, Glade of Echoes
Io The Rupture, Giant's Scar
Enemy Types Vex, Guard Minotaur, Taken
Description “Eliminate the prisoner of the Vex”
Vex Prisoner: Jailbreak is a Secret Public Event.


This event occurs at 9 different locations across the game. The objective is to defeat a Vex prisoner but in order to do so, players must first kill the Vex warden guarding it. Killing the warden will release the prisoner, which will attack the player and flee afterward. If players are able to kill the prisoner, the event is completed. Otherwise, the event will end after a few minutes or when the prisoner leaves the sector and no reward will be given to the player.


Boss Chest